Since Easter came so early and I decorated late because of being on vacation last week, I'm not tired of my decorations yet. I guess I will put them away tomorrow, but I thought I would share a few of the things you haven't seen yet. I hope you aren't tired of seeing Easter decor yet either!
The heavy eggs above are made of marble or some sort of heavy material. They are displayed in a pretty glass cut-out basket. I bought the basket at a craft show years ago.Again I used this glass compote, this time for Easter, I also used it for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day, you may remember them. I also used the one below for those holidays too.

The clear glass vase (voltive) holds irridescent eggs this time.
Close-up of the eggs.
I displayed chicken little, and eggs in my yellow depression glass.
Isn't this little chicken darling?

Bunnies for tea time.

A ring of bunnies on this candle holder.

The two little bunnies above are holding flowers, they were only a dollar each at Walmart.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!



ceekay said...

Tea set is so cute....I have some of those heavier eggs too, but your's look shinier. Putting away some of my easter things, but some bunnies are staying out for a bit longer.

Alice said...

Yes, leave your Easter decorations out a bit longer; they are all so sweet. What's your next decorating holiday--I can't wait to find out!

Mary said...


Your Easter decorations are all lovely. I especially love the eggs in the glass compote and the bunny tea time.

I don't decorate for Easter and after seeing all the beautiful decorations I'm having second thoughts. Maybe next year I will.

Thanks for sharing. You made my day.


Susan said...

I have some of the same rabbits!