Tea Cup - A Story

La Tea Dah at Gracious Hospitality is holding a Blog-a-Thon for several weeks. Each week she gives a tea theme to join in with and share. Go to La Tea Dah's blog to join in on the fun. This week the theme is Tea Cup - A Story.

I honestly can’t choose a favorite tea cup! I keep looking around and just cannot choose only one. I just love ‘em all!! I have several that are very special because a friend, or loved one gave them to me.
Such as this one from Gwen and Becca.
My dear husband gave me 12 (count em!) tea cups of each month! He was going to buy the May tea cup for my birthday, and liked the others so much, he bought them all!! He did this right before our wedding!

I really love ALL of my yellow rose tea cups!! A lot of these I won on Ebay. I don’t think I could choose a favorite of them either!

One of my yellow rose tea cups, won on ebay.

I never get tired of my Old Country Roses (OCR) china, but I do like the OCR tea cups that are a different style, but with the same three colors of roses. I have a few of these, the chintz, below, is a favorite,

but so is the cameo peach below!

I have a few tea cups with violets which I adore too, but still can’t select a favorite!

I wish I had a neat story to tell about a special tea cup. Oh, if only my grandmother, or mother had been tea ladies, and left me their special tea cup, but they weren’t (they were both coffee drinkers!)

Or, if only I had a special tea cup from the sweet lady who introduced me to hot tea. I’ve told the story of her before – she was the mother of my boyfriend when I was in high school.

Or, if only I had a special tea cup from the friend at work who started my passion of tea times. She gave me Emilie Barnes book, “If Tea Cups Could Talk,” and she invited me to a tea party at her church. I was hooked! This started my passion of finding all the tea things I could find, and all the tea rooms I could visit!

I am already thinking about people I can give a favorite tea cup too, but that will be a few years from now. I still enjoy all my tea cups and I'm not ready yet to part with any of them!



La Tea Dah said...

Lovely post, Katherine. I would have a difficult time choosing one out of your splendid collection as well! They are all beautiful and I am very touched by your dear husband's gesture of buying ALL the teacups of the month instead of just one. What a nice guy! Thanks for participating in the Gracious Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon. I look forward to your future posts --- I'm sure they will be just as interesting and fun to read!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What an especially lovely post with such pretty teacups!! The Peach Cameo that you've featured is so pretty and delicate! :)

kathi said...

Katherine, so many beautiful teacups! Your husband is a real keeper, to pick out one teacup for your birthday is special but to purchase the whole set is...priceless :). Thank you so much for sharing!

Kathi :)

Carrie said...

These samples from your collection are fabulous. I am glad you are on board with the Tea Blog-a-Thon.

Kelli said...

Oh my goodness, such lovely teacups, Katherine. I couldn't pick a favorite either! I love the yellow ones especially.

Mary said...


I also love tea cups. I have several that have been given to me and they are the most special. Choosing a favorite is difficult. I love the one you have with the violets. So pretty. Thanks for sharing.

Please drop over to my blog when you have time. We had a simple but lovely wedding in our family today.


Betty said...

Beautiful tea many to choose from....Betty

A Romantic Porch said...

Kathryn, Those cups are so lovely. I love the lilac one at the top, and I've never seen peach cameo in OCR it is beautiful also. Thank you for sharing your love for tea. Have a wonderful day my dear. xoRachel

Alice said...

I can see why you can't pick a favorite. You have so many beautiful teacups. And you've photographed them in such pretty ways. I enjoyed looking at each picture.

ellen b said...

Hi Katherine,
All your tea-cups are just beautiful. They are so fun to look at and to sip a dainty cup of tea from. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You! for sharing all your pretty tea cups and tea room adventures-- the lady that introduced me to tea rooms has passed away of cancer so it especially is near and dear to my heart to see the tea cups 'n rooms! I so enjoy your blog site!
Happy Easter! to you and your hubby! God Bless! Karyl

Nancy said...

Hi! I agree.... I love all my tea cups and it would be hart to part with a one of them. But I found your blog today simply by accident! I bought a darling white teapot, with a bird figurine on the lid, from Anthropologie and although they're replacing it, I was hoping maybe I could think of a way to attach a new knob to the top of the lid..... I found a white cupboard door knob, but it looks ragged where it was glued on so I'm trying to come up with some ideas on what I could glue around the knob to hide it. And somehow I found your blog and your wonderful teacups! Thank you for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

I have always liked the chintz cup and the cameo peach one is also very pretty.

Joy said...

What beautiful tea cups.. I am just starting to collect. I got a set from my Gma and a beautiful one from my Aunt in Alaska. Plus I have picked several up at resale shops.