Yellow Santa

Here are close-up photoS of the yellow Santas and the tin.


Lallee said...

I don't think I've ever seen a yellow Santa except the ones you've collected. I keep my eye out and think of you.

BumbleVee said...

I love all your yellow Santas.... I think it is nice to find some other than the traditional red and white.. perhaps why I like to the old world Santas...they usually have other colours.

Mary said...


Your Santas are lovely and unique. I have seen them in the stores, but not often. I have a Santa Christmas tree decoration that is dressed in green instead of red. I have never seen another one dressed in green and am glad that I bought him when I saw him.

The cookie tin is lovely. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful items.


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Hi Katherine! Glad you are up and running & recovered from your computer crash! I love these Santa's. I don't think I have ever seen Santa's dressed in yellow before! They fit in perfectly with your lovely home!~
Southern Lady's Vintage