Finally, I'm back!

Forsyth Fountain in Savannah, GA, all decorated for Christmas.

We returned from our trip last Saturday, but have had some major computer problems! My computer crashed. My sweet dh has set me up with his laptop until we can purchase a new computer after the holidays.

I have a terrible time getting used to the laptop, especially since it is so sensitive and the least little thing can make it do something I don't want it to do!! Today he connected a mouse to it and that helps, I hate the finger thingy on a laptop!

We've also had some problems with the new Road Runner, and email. I'm thinking of changing to a different email.

We had a nice restful time at Hilton Head. We didn’t go to Charleston as planned because it was further away than we thought (100 miles) We did go to Savannah, and on the way up we stopped at Jekyll Club Hotel and had lunch. I always enjoy going there.

Joe getting much needed in a hammock in Hilton Head, SC

Jekyll Island Club Hotel

I did something stupid before we left – I was up next to have the Faith Sharing Group and I volunteered to have a tea party if they would each bring something. The meeting/party was Monday. While we were gone we found out Joe’s kids wanted to come Sunday and exchange Christmas gifts, since they are going to be out of town for Christmas. We had planned to do it after Christmas, but they changed their minds. So they came at noon Sunday and stayed till 5. We had to go to church at 5, because the Christmas charity gifts of the two kids (we took their names off the tree) was due. Then I had to go get groceries for the tea. I was up till midnight vacuuming, setting the table, ETC! When I went to bed I was too keyed up and couldn’t sleep. I was still awake at 3:30 a.m. and the alarm was set for 7 a.m. To make a longer story short, I did make it through the meeting/party alright. But I drank tea with caffeine and couldn’t sleep.

Tomorrow I hope to post photos of the tea party.

Thank you for your interest, please leave a comment! And please do return soon!


In front of the Ballastone Inn, Savannah, GA (this is where celebrities stay in Savannah, such as Paul Newman, etc.


Carrie said...

Hello Katherine,
Glad you're back and to knoow your trip went well. All the best,

Alice said...

So glad you're back! I would love to visit Savannah one day. I'm sorry that you couldn't fully enjoy your tea with all the things going on and then not being able to sleep. I'm really looking forward to the photos.