Dreaming of a "Lite Christmas"

This year was a "Lite Christmas" for us. I did less this year than ever. I didn't do the usual baking of tons of cookies, but I did make our favorite Russian Tea Cakes, and Chocolate/Peanut Butter Fudge.

Usually I go over the top decorating. Every blank space is decorated - all rooms, including bathrooms. Tops of armoires, top of china cabinet, chandeliers, ETC. are all decorated! Not so this year, since we were going out-of-town and had no plans for visitors/parties here, we didn't need the decorations. But wait! I needed decorations! I couldn't have Christmas without my collection of Nativities on display. I even bought a few more Nativities this year. I'm still in the Nativity mode and hate to remove them. I usually leave at least one out all year.

Even though this was a "Lite Christmas" we still felt a real Christmas, and didn't forget it was Jesus' birthday! Caden even had a birthday cake for Jesus, a new tradition they will do yearly!

Even though Christmas is over, I'm going to share a few more Nativities I didn't show (because I didn't have my digi camera!) I hope you don't mind seeing more!
I bought the above Nativity this year at Walmart for $9.99. I like it because Mary is holding baby Jesus. Someone pointed out that Nativities with Mary holding her precious Baby are harder to find. I ended up buying four more of these and making them into gifts like this:

I don't affix my Nativities permanently because I usually change them each year. This year I displayed my Nativity on the family room coffee table like this:

Below is another Nativity I bought last year at Walmart for only $9.99.
Mary is also holding Baby Jesus here:
Last year I used it as the centerpiece on the dining room table using the large mirror (below:)
This year it is displayed on my Bombay chest, on a table runner, like this:
This year I displayed the Baby Angels and Baby Jesus in a tray like this:

If you think I have a lot of Nativities, go to Carrie's blog at Oak Rise Cottage and see the fabulous display she has, it is wonderful!


Cathy said...

My goodness, I really like those nativaties from Wal-Mart! I used to work there, you know, but never noticed those. I was at register or in electronics.

Cathy said...

Can't believe I spelled nativity wrong! I kept staring at it, trying to decide. lol

Betty said...


Your home is so beautifully presented with the nativity sets....they are my favorite part of Christmas....

Next year, I may borrow your oversize ornament swag idea....these really caught my eye....

Thank you for dropping in to visit with me and taking the time to leave a comment.....I welcome you any time....Betty

nannykim said...

Those are so pretty and some are unique!