Snowman Tree

I'm sharing my Snowman Tree and Santa tree today. I'm so happy to hear that children are enjoying seeing my collections! I wish they could come here to see them in person!

Above is my snowman tree. Also snowmen on top of the bookshelf, the three in the middle are little flower pot snowmen.

I only buy unusual snowmen anymore, like the two on the bottom, above, the one on the left has flowers painted on his hip, and he's hanging onto the red flower. The one with the blue scarf has beads for legs. The one below, I bought last year because I couldn't resist the fringy scarf, the furry hair, and the furry red boots! I bought a few new ones this year and will share them when I get my camera back home!

I hope you have enjoyed my snowpeople!



Carrie said...

Well, yes, I have enjoyed seeing your snowpeople. You have a very nice collection.
Mine, as a new collection, just fits on the counter in the kitchen between the tv and refridgerator; but yesterday I added a few to the top of the refridgerator!

Revee said...

Your snowpeople are so cute!! Ginger and Gracelyn both have a "sprong-y" snowman just like yours! All three of us like the snowman on top best - he has such an adorable face.

BTW, both girls said that your house must be the most Christmas-y in all the world! :)

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I like your snowman tree, but I think I like your clock even better!