More Nativity Displays

As promised, I'm showing a few more Nativities. The Nativity above is a favorite. It has angel children and little lambs looking a Baby Jesus. It is displayed on a wicker tray. I change the way they are displayed each year.

I also like to display the Nativities on or in baskets. Above is a basket turned upside down, with a children's Nativity on it.

A smaller basket, turned upside down. This Nativity has angels adoring Baby Jesus. Notice the angel above, it is moveable.
Mother Mary, and a small angel praying for Baby Jesus.
I used this one-piece Nativity as a centerpiece one year. It also has angels to match (not shown here)

Baby Jesus displayed under glass.
This Nativity above has Advent Candles.

The Nativity below has the Three Kings adoring Jesus
Kings and nativity


Revee said...

Katherine, you so creative with the ways you display your Nativity scenes! The girl' most favorite Nativity is the one you call the Nature Native (with the grapevine); Ginger like the first Nativity scene in today's post and Gracelyn and likes the centerpiece. :) Thanks so much for sharing these with us!

Daughter of the King said...

What a great idea..of how to display things...would never have thought of turning a basket upside down...everything looks lovely...

Mary said...


What beautiful nativities. I enjoyed looking at each one and what a unique way of displaying them on baskets. My favorite is the first one.

Thanks for your kind and loving comments on my post today. I always enjoy visiting with you.


nannykim said...

love the advent calandar one! I have not seen one like that far as my Christmas tree cross---that one is in the shape of a cross ;-). Have a wonderful Christmas.

Alice said...

You display each one in such a beautiful way, Katherine. I'm wondering about the clock; is it a family piece?

Penless Thoughts said...

These are absolutely beautiful. You have such a knack for displaying things in such a unique and delightful way. Your blog is always a treat to the eyes!!

Carrie said...

Katherine, you make the most delightful vignettes! The Baby Jesus under glass is really precious. I love how you incorporate flowers, etc. into your displays.

Lori said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the tour of your collection.
Merry Christmas!