This and That....

Anybody watching "Dancing With The Stars?" I used to never watch it, but this season I'm really hooked! They are ALL sooo good! I can't even decide who my favorite is! I'm partial to Marie Osmond. I think she has a really cute personality. I love the way she is losing weight now, makes me want to start dancing!! She is going to sell a "Dancing with the stars" doll on QVC this weekend. I don't have any of her dolls, but I think they are cute, especially the ones with the "Marie" mole on the faces! They are her very own designs!

Do any of you ever vote for anyone on DWS? I don't know how to text message on my cell, so I haven't tried to vote! I'm not sure who I would vote for, Marie is pretty good, but so is Jane Seymore. They are all really good. Who is your favorite?

I had planned to start showing my Thanksgiving decorations today, but decided to wait until next week because Kelli http://kellishouse.blogspot.com/ is going to feature a Mr. Linky for all of us to join in the share our thoughts, decorations, crafts, etc. all next week. Check it out here, there's also prizes!


I apologize because I'm technically challenged and don't know how to add Kelli's button so you can click on it, but just click on the url below, it should work!

Mary at http://maryswritingnook.blogspot.com/ has tagged me for a meme. Since I don't usually get tagged for anything, I'm honored that she chose me, even though I have to show a picture of myself.

Mary also has a Mr. Linky feature next week. Hers is to encourage those in our blogging community to start a sweet Christmas tradition, to get everyone involved, even the children, to be a blessing in Jesus name this year. You come up with an idea that will enable you to reach out to someone in need during this Christmas season. If you are already involved in some type of Christmas giving tradition, share about that too.

I've had snapshots of myself on my blog before, but those who didn't see them, here's another! This is about the only one I have on my computer right now, it was taken about three years ago, I like it because my fat and wrinkles don't show!! Yes, that's gray hair, I'm a grandmother, and I'm in my late sixties! Thanks, Mary for making me one of the chosen!!

Thank you for your interest, please leave a comment! And please do return soon!



Mary said...


You are beautiful! I know what you mean about photos down showing the weight and the gray hair, though I don't worry too much about it. We are all God's children and beautiful in our own way.

Thanks for the plug on the Blessings This Christmas that Sharon and I are hosting. I do hope that you will take part.


Tea Time and Roses said...

How beautiful you are, and such a lovely smile... No I do not watch Dancing With The Stars, but I try not to miss Marie and her beautiful dolls on QVC! I'm a avid QVC watcher and shopper...they really do have wonderful products and such sweet host...I hope you stop in soon for another visit... You have a fabulous rest of the week.

Smiles to you...


Mary said...
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Mary said...


Please go to my blog and send me an email and I will explain how to post your photo to your profile. It's a bit too long to explain here.


NAME: CIELO said...

Hi Katherine... beautiful yellow rose arbor... thanks for stopping by my blog; it's been a pleasure to meet you. I will return soon!

Please come by "The house in the roses" again...



~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I don't watch Dancing With the Stars, but I've seen clips of it and really admire Marie. I felt so badly to learn that her father had passed away today.
On a brighter note, surely is nice to see your pretty smiling face here.

Kari & Kijsa said...

We love Dancing With the Stars...our favorite is Jenny Garth! What a beautiful picture (and smile)!

Have a blessed day!

kari and kijsa

Becky said...

Katherine, how lovely you are! Not that that surprised me. I just love seeing pics of my friends online. I always am curious to see if their faces match what I had in my mind.

Thanks for sharing that.

I'm throwing your name in the hat over at my place. Glad you came to visit.

And I love Kelli's place don't you? Can't wait to see what she has in mind.

Alice said...

You are so pretty, Katherine. You've probably heard that all your life. Of course, I already knew you were beautiful on the inside.

I hope you had good results on your blood work this morning and followed it with a delicious breakfast!

Lallee said...

That's a beautiful photo of you, Katherine!