Giving Thanks - Friday

Go to Kelli's for more Thanksgiving ideas.
Today I am sharing more of my cornucopias. This is another ceramic cornucopia I bought the same day I bought the white one at a thrift store. This one is brown filled with fall flowers to match our decor.

(Below) I display this one on top of the large doll curio cabinet. HORN OF PLENTY

The horn of plenty, or the "cornucopia," is a familiar Thanksgiving symbol. It is a symbol of earth's bounty, and reminds us how much of our food comes from the earth. It is said that the Indians would hollow out large gords to carry their fruits and vegetables.
I bought the Indian Maiden (below) last year at Hobby Lobby.I'm showing this white cornucopia again because this year it is displayed in the foyer on the hall tree. To see it as a centerpiece on the dining room table, go to Tuesday's Giving Thanks.

This white ceramic cornucopia was purchased from a thrift store. It is filled with silk magnolias.



Mommy said...

All of your decorations are lovely. Those Cornocopias are very unique. I love the Indian Maiden, very pretty. :)

Barbara H. said...

These are lovely -- they really bring the season into the home.