New Scarecrow

I didn't buy any new scarecrows this year, until last week. I was ordering nativity sets for the babies from Terry's Village and saw this cute scarecrow clock on sale, 50% off. He fits right in with all my other scarecrows! I like to decorate with scarecrows because after Halloween, they can remain with the Thanksgiving decorations. I'll be putting those up this weekend.
After Halloween I turn the Jack-o-lantern (above) around, to just a pumpkin! I removed the black cat, the witches boot, and the framed ("If the hat fits, wear it!") witch. The new scarecrow clock is at the end of the curio top where the Halloween things were.

The little girl scarecrow is incorporated in this vignette, above. I'll start adding pilgrims and turkeys to the fall decor this weekend, please return to see it!

Thank you for your interest, please leave a comment! And please do return soon!


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Lallee said...

Your new clock is darling and really does fit in with all your fall items.