The Favor of the Lord

Yes, the crisp cool air, the colorful leaves, hot apple cider, cozy warm socks, all can be considered small favors! In this month of Thanksgiving, let us count all the small favors as well as the abundant blessings!
And let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And do confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, confirm the work of our hands. Psalms 90:17

For he who finds Me finds life, and obtains favor from the Lord. Prov. 8:35

A good man will obtain favor from the Lord. Prov. 12:2

Good understanding produces favor. Prov. 13:15

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Becky said...

Just thinking about His favor gives me peace. Thanks for this.

Carrie said...

These scriptures assure us of God's reaching out for our response to Him. Let us keep our perspectives framed by a consciousness that He is Love and that our human love for each other is sustained by Him.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

We are blessed indeed!

Midlife Cycler said...

Puts a whole new meaning on the phrase..."can you do me a favor?"

have a good day!


Alice said...

I consider getting to know you through your blog a blessing, Katherine.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Hi Katherine! Thought I would pop over and say hello! Thanks for leading me to pause and think about just how blessed we are.

Lallee said...

This Floridian is grateful for the cooler air this week!!