Autumn Village

I bought this little village when we lived in Indiana a few years ago. The reason I bought it is because the barn has "Drake's Barn" on it. Drake is my maiden name, I don't often see things with my maiden name on it! That's the reason it had to come home with me. My parents didn't live on a farm, but my grandparents did and I used to spent a lot of summers with them. I have good memories of being on their farm there in Alabama when I was growing up!

This little village is displayed in our breakfast nook. Below is a close-up of Drake's Barn.
(There's one more building to this little village, but I can't find it!)

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Lallee said...

How special that you found this with your maiden name on it! It looks darling set up there.

Mary said...

Having your maiden name on it makes that little village a precious thing. I do hope you find the other piece.

My friend gave me an autumn village a few years ago. I've only put it up once, though I cherish it. I just really have no room.

I am making room for my Christmas village. I try to put it up every year. I enjoy sitting and watching it come to live when it is lit up in the evenings.

BTW, I've randomly tagged you for a meme at my blog. No pressure, but it is a lot of fun.


Carrie said...

What a charming village, made even more meaningful by the use of your maiden name!
I have a couple Dept. 56 lighted villages - the Little Town of Bethlehem series.