Scotty doggies!

These little Scotty dog dresses and purse are for our granddaughter, Elisabeth. Her parents have a seven-year-old Scotty dog, so when I see anything with Scotty dogs I can't resist buying it!
Little black Scotty dog in a purse! The colors are brighter than shown, I had to lighten it so the black dog would show up. To see more Scotty dog items, check out Lallee's blog.
Here's a little plaid Christmas dress I couldn't resist either! It looks bigger here, it's only a 12-month size. All these things were on sale and/or bought at outlet prices. I hope we will get pictures of Elisabeth wearing these!

Thank you for your interest, please leave a comment! And please do return soon!



Lallee said...

You know I love those, Katherine! Do they come in my size by any chance? LOL Maybe Oliver or Baggins would wear one. I bought that same purse when I was traveling on the turnpike one time! I'm hopeless, huh?

Vee said...

Tried the apple cake Katherine...it is yummy.

I wonder if the amount of sugar is a misprint? it calls for 2 cups.. I couldn't make myself put in that much and so used only 1...it turned out plenty sweet enough... didn't last long around here!

posted the ink to your recipe on my food blog. tx....

Penless Thoughts said...

How adorable. I love to see little girls dressed up cute in dresses. I always dressed my 2 little girls in dresses when they were small.

Anonymous said...

Soooo sweet, I love the little dresses and purse. I also love Scottie dogs although we have never had one.


Vee said...

Hi Katherine... tx for popping over to see my cake. I did use red... McIntosh..my fav. They are definitely sweeter than Grannies.. "pucker".... lol ...maybe that was it then.

Cathy said...

The little dresses and purse with the dog are adorable. I know it is such fun shopping for a little girl. :o)

Sharon said...

How cute! I love scotty dogs too especially mixed with plaid! I bet your grandaughters will be darling in them!

Hugs! Sharon

dabrah said...

I think the dresses are adorable. I also like scotties. I saw one today. A man was out walking with his dogs. He had a Yorkshire Terrier on a lead and a scottie just walking along with them unrestrained. The scottie was so good staying close to the man, especially since they were walking on the road. I was impressed.
Dee Huff