Saturday's Giving Thanks

On the last day of Kelli’s Giving Thanks feature I want to share a few things we are thankful for this year.

2007 has been a very, very difficult year for us with finding out in January my husband had lymphoma, and going through a series of chemo and radiation treatments through September. The Lord has been with us every step of the way and has made it a little easier for us by providing the following:

His presence with us constantly
Helping Joe keep his sense of humor
Support from our children and grandchildren
A wonderful supportive church family
Prayer warriors, both family and friends
Answered prayers
Intelligent, compassionate doctors
New research, new meds
Joe being able to recover very quickly from the side effects of the chemo and radiation.
We give Jesus all the honor and glory, thanking Him first of all for dying on the cross for each of us. Praise and gratitude to Him, In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!
The above photos are of a small niche located between the dining room and great room of our house. I change the decor with each holiday. I just added silk fall floweres and foliage to the present arrangement.
Thanks, also to Kelli for hosting Giving Thanks!

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Midlife Cycler said...

Well, you have had a difficult year. I am dealing with a son driving on a suspended license and I worry and pray each day for him.
That pales in what you have had to deal with. I should be thankful for health.Its a perspective and thanks for helping me see that. Whatever we go thru, we just need to be in prayer and never cease.

Becky said...

I am so glad you can be thankful in the midst of your struggles. That in itself is quite a gift.

MrsMomma said...

Thank you for sharing your list. You have touched my heart.


Jammy said...

Just wanted to let ya know I will pray for your family, and I am very Thankful for health, it's actually the topic of my post today.

God Bless,

Mary said...

What a great list of blessings after a very difficult year. I pray that 2008 goes smoother for you and you are blessed abudantly.

Mommy said...

It is good to hear that in "everything" you are giving thanks to our Lord Jesus. :)

Alice said...

I was just thinking about your Joe. I remember that you posted he was a bit restless after his treatments had finished since they had taken up a good part of each week. I hope that he's found something he loves to do now, something rewarding and creative and fun.