Show and Tell

I like Kelli's Show and Tell idea. I signed up on her Mr. Linky, then realized I have to hurry and do a Show and Tell on my blog! What to do!? I quickly went looking and the first thing I saw was this cookie.
This cookie is from my grandson, Caden's recent baptism. I think they are so neat, they were good too!
God bless,


Kelli said...

They are almost too pretty to eat! :0) I love the little bow on them. Thank you for joining in on Show and Tell!

Penless Thoughts said...

Very cute idea. I'd never seen these done before.

Candy said...

Im so happy to have found your blog!!!!

Hugs to you,

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Thank all of you for your comments! I'm happy to have found all of your blogs too! Thanks, Kelli for posting the Show and Tell, the way we've found each other!


Lori B said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. I love new faces. Please feel free to come back anytime and visit again.

I love your site. I will be back again to yours.

I love this show and tell idea. I'm glad I participated. I like your show and tell. That cross is neat.
That's neat they get those for their baptism.