Happy May Day!

It's already May 1st! I have always wanted to do the old tradition of making May Day baskets of flowers and surprising my neighbors and friends by hanging them on their doors. I never seen to remember to do this in time. May Day seems to appear too quickly for me! Here's a little basket of flowers for you today. Maybe next year I will remember to make those surprise baskets!

Have you ever made the baskets and given them to friends?


Becky said...

I have always loved May Day. I hope yours was fun.

Thanks for checking on Abby. We are rather lost around here. This has been so hard. We NEVER thought it would be. But we'll recover. God is good.

Lori B said...

Hello again.
Happy May Day to you too.
We don't make may baskets much.
I know I really should more.
The kids have made them at school. We sent Derek with a bag of goodies to school. He came home with a May basket today.
Megan came home with one from preschool and one from library storytime. They are fun.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Thank you Becky and Lori for your nice comments!

Becky I'm praying for healing of your family's pain about Abby.

Lori thanks for sharing your May Day with me.