Free Gifts

Some of the most special gifts don’t come wrapped with a bow and aren’t bought with money. Some of my most meaningful gifts have been the gift of time. For someone to give you their precious commodity of time in these days of rushing and busyness is a gift that can’t be beat.

I have had friends give me their time when they fixed my car, fixed my plumbing, dug out my sewer. Some friends have listened to me patiently in person or on the telephone while I poured my heart out, or just sat with me over a cup of tea and sympathized by just listening. These days it can be hard to find a friend who will just listen. So many people think they must have all the answers, give their opinion, or advice. Sometimes I find it hard to find quiet gentle friends who know the art of keeping their mouth shut! They don’t know what a gift they could give by just listening quietly, holding your hand, giving a gentle pat or hug. And, of course, I must add – ignoring their cell phones ringing!

A gift of a handwritten letter is becoming almost a lost art. In this day of cell phones and e-mail not many people take the time to sit and handwrite messages anymore, even thank you notes. Of course I welcome phone calls and email messages, but it’s very special to receive handwritten notes in the mail. These thirty-nine cent gifts can make a heart jump with excitement. I find it hard to throw away a handwritten message. I have been so happy to find I saved a handwritten note from a family member or friend, when they have passed away. It is wonderful to have their handwriting preserved.

Let’s not forget those precious gifts of wild flowers from little children, or a painting or drawing they worked diligently on. Even those little wet kisses, or hugs, or their joyful laughter is a gift that stays with us forever.

Sometimes these “free” gifts from family and friends are the very best!

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