The Art of Gift Giving

Last week I found Rachel Ashwell's book "Shabby Chic, The Gift of Giving" at Ross for only $4.99. I'm enjoying reading it and especially seeing the pretty photos throughout the book.

"Too often today, the meaning behind gift giving is overlooked. Gift giving has become an act of duty, unnecessarily expensive, and commercial. Any gift worth giving is worth creating with effort and meaning. With that in mind, the giving of gifts becomes meaningful to the people involved the giver and the receiver. That's what the art of giving gifts is to me." Rachel Ashwell.

Rachel Ashwell likes to "gather" things for a while before she incorporates several things together to "tell a story" when she gives them as gifts.

Over the next few days I hope to post a few different thoughts and photos about gifts.


La Tea Dah said...

Beautiful book!

Just a quick note: we haven't had time to work on the stat counter but dear son has no school tomorrow, so hopefully he can get things 'fixed' by then.

Have a happy day!

Candy said...

I have this book. I LOVE it :)