Daisy Day

I'm featuring a few daisy items this weekend. I love daisies, my favorite are shasta daisies. The term "fresh as a daisy" really does fit these flowers! Are you wondering if I like daisies better than yellow roses? Nope, the roses are still my favorite flower!!


Mrs. U said...

This is very pretty! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE daisies!! Sadly, Mr. U and I are both allergic to them- it bothers our sinuses to no end!!! So, while I cannot bring them in our home, I CAN plant them outside and admire them from afar!! LOL!!

You have such lovely daisy things- thank you for sharing them!

Mrs. U

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I don't think I'm allergic to daisies, but I am allergic to gardenias. I'm also allergic to rose fragrance colonge, but not to actual roses.

Thanks for your comment.

(I also like the way you signed your name)

Lori B said...

I like daisy's too. Pretty pictures.