Taylor's venture

Today’s blog is dedicated to my first grandchild, Taylor. He is in his first year of college at Mercer University in Macon, GA. He earned a scholarship there and is a very good student with excellent grades, he has worked very hard. This coming week is Spring Break and he has chosen to forfeit his much needed spring break and go with a group of other young Christian men to New Orleans to help with the Katrina disaster clean-up. They left today and will be there a week. He insisted on paying his own way which cost him $50 to go, I think this covers transportation and food. They will be staying in the FEMA tents. He has been issued a set of white coveralls and a crowbar. His group is assigned to the demolition crew, the houses that are condemned are being demolished. We are looking forward to hearing the stories about New Orleans when he returns. I’m so proud of Taylor! He has always made right decisions and choices and has been a joy to all of us!

Thanks, Taylor! We love you!

Photo: Taylor and K-K, taken May,2005 at Taylor’s high school graduation. Taylor started calling me “K-K” before he was a year old, when he first learned to talk!

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