Savannah Squares

Savannah is the most charming city with the grandeur of elegantly preserved homes and public buildings with a wide range of architectural styles from Federal, English, regency, Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, and Romanesque Revival.
The city’s squares, little tree and shrub and monument filled parks that grace the main streets of the largest National Historic Landmark District in the country, give the town a distinctive look and feel that can be found only in Savannah. The squares are the city’s main tourist attraction, the squares are likened to “outdoor living rooms”, splendid spots for sitting, munching on a picnic lunch or reading. The squares originated with Savannah’s founder, James Edward Oglethorpe, who laid out park like areas after he settled here in 1733. There are 22 squares, all within walking distance. Each square is named, most have monuments and/or fountains. Azaleas and camellias were in bloom in most of the squares.

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