The Book Gift Shop

Since some of us were discussing the best-seller book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" by John Berendt, I will post the picture of "The Book Gift Shop" now. This shop is located on Calhoun Square in downtown Savannah. His book is known in Savannah, as "THE BOOK." This gift shop is named "The Book" Gift Shop. It features exclusive "Midnight" gift items, The Bird Girl items, author-autographed books and even a mini-Midnight museum. This store was one of the few places locally where Berendt autographed copies of his popular book when it was first published. He continues to sign books for The Book Gift Shop. The shop also offers daily walking and bus tours featuring sites highlighted in "The Book." We went there too early as we were strolling the squares early morning. The shop doesn't open until 10:30. I hope to go there next time we visit Savannah.


Val - ATAA said...

Katherine, thank you for posting this information on The Book store. I didn't know it existed and someday when we visit Savannah, I'll know what to look for. I also would love to get one of the Bird Girl statues (like thousands of other tourists) so I'm going to see if they have a website for ordering it.

Yellow Roses said...

Val, the web site I have on The Book Gift Shop is: I hope it works for you, maybe you can order from there.