The Plates

How cute are these plates! Something I've never seen done before, these plates with about four different designs of women were placed on all the tables before the guests were seated. The tables were mostly small round marble top, with no tablecloths used. After we were seated and placed our orders, the server came and took away the plates before our food was served. My husband made a joke about this and the server said they were just "starter plates!" They were just for looks, nothing was placed on the plate! I enjoyed seeing them and they did look neat when all the tables had them.

Instead of hot tea we ordered lunch with iced tea since we were hungry and a little warm. I had a salad plate with shrimp salad, chicken salad, tomato, mozzarella cheese salad, and fruit. Joe had a club sandwich. The food was very tasty. We had planned to return for desserts at the afternoon tea, but were on the other side of town at 4 p.m. and couldn’t make it. We did return the next day to take pictures and buy loose tea.

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