It’s fall, it's autumn! It doesn’t look like it here in Florida though! I’m beginning to do a little fall decorating. This is the new door décor I added this week.

Our front entryway has a courtyard with an arbor above it.

The fuschia bouganvillia is blooming!
It froze back the past two winters and isn't as lush as usual.

I don't usually talk about my private life, but I want to talk about what’s been going on in my life the past few months. “The Autumn of My Life” came to mind. I googled to see exactly what this means. gives this answer:

What is the Autumn of my life?

"Autumn of My Life" refers to the last portion of one's life. It is a metaphor which likens one's life to the season when the time for planting, growing, and flowering is over, when the temperatures begin to drop, and the days become shorter. The leaves on the trees drop, and the natural world edges toward dormancy. It is the time when one's death is closer than one's birth.

Since my big milestone birthday I’ve been thinking more and more of my mortality. Entering into another chapter of my life with this milestone birthday has prompted many thoughts of mortality. Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ and know He gives eternal life! Nothing brings about more thoughts of mortality than adding on another decade! Well, maybe something else does – attending more and more funerals of family and friends. Joe’s sister died last January, and we’ve had friends die recently.

Two months ago our neighbor, across the street, died. He was 85 and had been ill for a while, he was also a Christian and went to be with the Lord. The shocking and sad news is that his wife also just died suddenly, only two months after he died. She was only 74. Also shocking is that this is the eight death we have had on this street since we moved here, almost ten years ago! It’s a long street, but that is still a lot of people!

Another thing that bothered me about our neighbors deaths is this: They had no children and her sister and nephew who live out of state are handling the estate. When they were here after her funeral they purged her house and there was a wall of big boxes on the curb for the garbage! It was like seeing her whole life going to the dump!! This bothered me so much. I know there’s plenty in the bible about material things, and treasures being in Heaven, but this really bothered me and I’ve been trying to sort it out. Please don’t judge me on this!

I feel the Lord is leading me into something new in this new chapter of my life. I’m not sure yet what, and I’m trying to be open to whatever He has for me. I’m praying for guidance. I have curtailed my schedule to have more time. My husband and I are spending more time together than ever and enjoying each other’s company. We have a quiet ministry together with helping people at our church, just little things such as giving rides, taking them to the grocery store, and taking them a meal. We also work in the church kitchen for the youth group.

I’ve prayed about how much time to spend on my blog, whether to continue or not. I don’t post as often as I used too. I’m not sure if I have many people reading my blog anymore, even though I have over 160 Followers!

The meme’s are getting so big, it’s impossible to get around to everybody. It seems fewer people are leaving comments, except for the “big popular bloggers” who get 50 or more comments. I wouldn’t be able to handle all those replies to them though. It does bother me that some bloggers only comment on their “favorite” popular people, even the ones who get so many comments they don’t/can’t return the comment. I feel badly for the new bloggers just getting started, some don’t get any comments. I sometimes think I will stop posting on my blog and just become a lurker, looking at blogs, but not making comments!!

I still have the desire to continue the tablescapes and tabletops as these both give me an outlet to use my God- given creativity. I don’t spend much money on these hobbies, as the most fun is using what I have already, and shopping my own house! I still have the desire, but I’m open to what the Lord desires for me.

I’ve also been in a lot of physical pain this past year, I don’t blog about it as my blog is to be a happy place without complaints. I have recently been diagnosed with bursitis in both hips, this has curtailed our activities a lot. The doctor treated me with steroid shots and physical therapy. I’m hoping and praying it will get better soon!

Well, I don’t know if you have stayed with me this long, and if you have I thank you for listening! I ask for your prayers as well!

Our front door welcomes all our friends and family!

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

God Bless.


P.S. - I’ve been planning to add a new profile picture since my birthday last May. This one was taken at one of my birthday lunches. Notice I have purple on – remember the “When I am old I shall wear purple” poem?


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh Katherine, I would so miss your posts if you didn't blog. I always enjoy them. Reaching a certain age always gets us to thinking, however I do believe you are serving the Lord and listening to him for direction. Sorry to hear that you have been in pain this last year. Hopefully the doctors can get it cured and you will feel better. I don't think the number of comments or followers matter at all, it is just how rewarding is it for you to share your creativity. I enjoy your blog and personally hope you continue. Hope you have a super holiday and I will keep you in prayer. Hugs, Marty

Shelia said...

Hi Katherine. Thank you for sharing your heart today. I know that's not always easy to do. I understand as we get older we do think of our time here on this earth and if we're making a difference for the Kingdom. I'm sure you and your husband are touching many lives with all you do. I'm so glad to have met you in Blogland and like Marty, I would miss you so much if you were to stop blogging!
I hope you can get some relief from your pain and feel better! You do make a difference and I will be praying for you to have guidance and wisdom as towhat you need to do.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Lori said...

Hi Katherine!
This is my first comment, though I read your blog almost daily! I get such inspiration from your tablescapes....they are so lovely and creative. You are in my prayers as you search for guidance. I do hope you will continue to blog as you have time!

Oh, and I love the "When I am old I shall wear purple" poem!!


Adrienne said...

My dear friend, I hear your thoughts and know that God may be leading you into a new ministry that will touch people in different ways than ever before. I have been praying for you much since you shared with me. I will email as soon as I get home from vacation in a few days. In a few hours I will lose internet access until later this week. Sending hugs your way,

Debbie said...

Katherine your post brought tears to my eyes. For many reasons. You thinking about your own mortality, your neighborhood, the belongings being sent to the curb (that would bother me too). Just your thoughts and feelings. I do understand most of them to be honest. I am somewhat of a new blogger, mine took off fast. I do believe I have been very encouraging, and polite to everyone I possibly can make to comment back. I miss a few here and there, but as a rule, I get there sooner or later. I don't want to be one of those big blogs that have no real connection to people, never pay visits to anyone, etc.....I just do not want that. I know you would be missed by your LOYAL followers, there is no doubt you made many nice friends. Do what you love to do regardless, and don't worry about the others. If you like your table scapes show them, do is a hobby. You and your husband sound like lovely people, I am sure he likes that you have a hobby too!!~ Thanks for letting me know about this post. It actually made me think even beyond all my original thoughts. I just don't know anymore what is right, wrong, or indifferent. I just know we all should be true to ourselves first:) Debbie

Tardevil said...

You know, I haven't visited your blog in a while because I just don't have the time for visiting everyone that I once had before having my baby last year, but it is interesting to me that some of the things going on with you are going on in my mind also, and I'm 44. We had 2 family deaths in my family over the summer, and like you, I know heaven will be grand, but for instance, my uncle cooked Sunday lunch for his kids/grandkids and 2 hours later, he was dead, essentially. And, he was only 63. And all he ever worked for was left behind. It's hard to comprehend. My parents will be 72 and 75 this year, and everytime we go our separate ways, we have to treat it like our last time together because you just never know. I think the state of the economy makes things look more grim. And interestingly enough, I have bursitis where my legs meet my hip joints, and yes, it does hurt. So, I feel for you. We'll get our 'heads straight' sooner or later. Hopefully, fall will bring the change we both need. Keep your chin up!

Rettabug said...

Oh Katherine, I can sooooo relate to what you're saying!! I'm sorry you're hurting...I've had the same hip bursitis in one hip & my son injected it for me in June. It is MUCH better now! Take it easy & let the joint cool down while the medication works. I didn't play tennis all summer to let mine heal.

I, too, have been trying to spend more time with my DH, who is 84 & had a ♥ attack last Dec. I'll have plenty of time to blog when he's gone & for now, I want to make every minute we're together special & full of laughter.

I love your new photo in purple & I also love your fuschia bouganvillia!! Makes me miss FL a little bit.

Hugs & I'll fully understand if you're not around so much.


Entertaining Women said...

in one of the Garden Friend's Bible studies some years ago...I want to say it was "Calm My Anxious Heart"...but I'm not absolutely certain...there was a prayer from a woman who was having some huge problem that just took me to my knees, and I've never forgotten it. It went something like this: "Lord, I don't like this pain, I didn't ask for this pain, and I don't want this pain. But Lord, if I am going to have this pain, then Lord, please, take my pain and use it for your good. In Jesus Name, Amen." I've had many many years of severe knee problems in both legs...5 surgeries...and on and on. This prayer gave me a wonderful new perspective, and I wanted to share it with you. I pray for the healing blood of Jesus to flow through your legs and heal your bursitis. In His Name, I pray. Amen.

Sailing Simply said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my mantle. I see you too have some of the same thoughts I do about blogging as well! Please hang in there atleast for the tabletops and tablescapes. These are my favorite things to do now too, and I would miss yours as well! I also am really trying to get better at responding to more people but I just don't have the time I would like to spend doing so. I am learning how to blog more without putting so much pressure on myself and it's much more enjoyable. I am sure reaching a milestone birthday along with feeling so much pain has you thinking as you are. I hope you find some relief soon and will certainly keep you in my prayers.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good Evening my Dear Katherine...girl I can relate to every thing you have said..I'm now 67 and after having cancer I had to rethink my life and what was really important to me..My God and my family has always got to come before blogging..I do enjoy the world of blogging but don't post like I use to or visit as much..I have a hubs with a bad heart and try and spend time with him..we are both retired now..Please don't leave girl..Hope your feeling I just seen almost the same thing with my neighbor came and picked his bones and sad...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Entertaining Women said...

Thanks for visiting again. Your comments brought to mind: 2 Corinthians 1:4 NIV
who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God....I see God's loving hand even in this quirky world of blogging. Your witness is already bringing comfort to others, and I know that is pleasing to God. Cherry Kay

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Dear Katherine...I have no idea what your age is as you don't mention it and I couldn't find it anywhere. I will be 74 on October 8th and also am coming face to face with my mortality. For some reason I was certain that I had joined your followers but I do not see me.
Like you, people I know seem to be passing all around me. I think it is our age.
I know how you felt about your neightbor...I have seen the same thing happen.

About the blogs..I think what I wanted to tell you was...that when I began blogging...I thought it would be different. I thought it was a place I could pour my heart out and write anything that came to mind. I don't think I realized what I was doing when I first tried to join in the "meme's" Actually, I still don't.
I try..but I don't do well at it.
I don't really have an agenda.
And often.. VERY often, in spite of my many followers..I have relative few comments. I found that when I branched out..and gained followers...that I was not able to keep up.
I slowed down on my posts and no longer try to do one every day.

Some days my blog is not what you would call a happy, peppy blog! I am NOT always happy and peppy! I don't have that many sets of dishes..OR probably the imagination to keep up with the meme' I just go and look and sometimes comment.
I do have a few blogs I visit often...some are like yours today..just writing..communicating and I love those. AND I also love the ones with gorgeous photo's of their lovely homes. I admire that.
I don't have a large lovely home.
I had seven children, which is what I wanted..and our money went to raising them. NOt on the pretty things I would love to have had.
Now I buy more. I play. I blog. I chat. I read novels and garden a bit. I fluff the pillows and share a bit of my days on my blog.
I can't worry about whether I am always pleasing people and neither should you. But I DO worry. It is hard not to but we really shouldn't. That isn't what blogging is really supposed to be about. That is my opinion.

Come and just TALK to us..when and IF you feel like it. blog! You are NOT here to please anyone OR collect people. If they come and comment ..they do and if they don't...they don't. Who cares.
I think you are wonderful! I think you are a beautiful person..and I have enjoyed visiting an open, warm and honest person today.
With that I will close my mouth. :)
Much love..and much happiness to you and "happy blogging!"
I look forward to visiting you again.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

p.s. Your front door is just beautiful, by the way!

Kathy said...

Hello Katherine!
You have made a difference in my life. I was thinking before getting on the computer this morning all the wonderful people I have come into contact with. It has been a joy to me to read so many people of a like faith. I have very similar stories as you. Our neighbor died suddenly this year, he and my husband were great friends - We have attended more funerals lately as well. My brother was murdered this year which rocked my siblings and I. My faith, however has never been deeper - truth be known that is the Quiet Center of my Life. While God grants us each new days He gives us opportunity to demonstrate his character to others. That makes life a joy - yep, the Autumn part of our years are filled with death, parting, sadness and physical pain - but, the joy and contentment we realize when we've reached a level of growth - your time with your husband, your wonderful ministry - that lifts my heart! I hope you stay around. I understand the dilemma of time spent - but, creating balance is a daily juggling act.
Hey Georgia Girl - if we don't ever meet here on earth - I know someday I shall see you!
HUGS and Blessings from Central Georgia

Kathleen said...

Hi Katherine,
I think what you are feeling happens to all of us as we get older.
My neighbor died and the dumpster was filed with things that should have been saved. Family pics and the Family Bible.
But like you said, they are just things, even though it upsets us to see them tossed away!
I hope you get some relief from your pain!
And as I already told you, if you enjoy blogging, you should continue!
Now I am off to see your table!
go uncheck the id in the comment moderation like we talked about. :)

Anita said...

I'm so glad I stopped by here and got to read your post! First, I agree with you about the "popular" bloggers and all those comments. I never came here to be in a popularity contest, but it seems to get that way sometimes, which is a big turn-off. I go for weeks without posting when it gets in the way of life. I SO love that you are helping people out. We are working hard at church trying to help people in need having "Free markets" and doing errands, etc., for those who need it. That is so much more meaningful and satisfying. Sounds like you have your priorities in order and know what makes life here worthwhile!! Thanks for sharing your story:-)

A Romantic Porch said...

Wow Katherine, I loved what Mona wrote. She needs to do a blog posting about it don't you think?! :) xo rachel

Sarah said...

Katherine, what a heartfelt post. I had tears in my eyes reading this. I do hope you will continue to blog, but I also understand the time involved. I try to spend more time with my husband also. We never know what the next day will bring. As you know, I've followed your blog for months. I didn't realize until this evening that I wasn't over on your sidebar. So now it's official. ~ Sarah
PS I'm feeling a bit of what you mentioned about the comments. I'm so appreciative of the comments that are left on my posts for HFTS. This month I'm also guest blogger at the QCI blog. It doesn't receive many if any comments. It makes me wonder if it even gets any visitors and why spend the time creating a post?