50th Reunion

Some of you said you would like to see photos of the decorating I did for the reunion.

The yellow rose centerpieces. On each table a green Coke glass sitting on a text book held three yellow roses. Small 57 Chevy or Thunderbird cars filled with mini Moon Pies and retro candy were on one side, and 50s memorabilia on one side.

Joe and Kathy with Marilyn and Elvis!

Some of my friends, we all dressed in black and white, and it wasn't planned!
L to R: Reba, Pat, Kathy, Nancy

Other decorations were added to the display tables later.
This was the center display table, it held sports and cheerleader memorabilia,
that's my photo album in the middle.

The display table on the left.

Several easels held display boards.

The display table on the right.

Judy and Kathy in the DJ and dance area.

The Memorial Table. A memorial board with pictures of all our deceased classmates (22.) A table for two with two place settings, a lit candle, with magnolias around it. (Cups and saucers were also on the table.

Whew! We finally finished!! Just in time to go home, shower, get dressed and come back!! Thanks, Judy, for all your help! She did my leg work for me because I was in another state! Thanks, also to Eileen, Delores, and Luann, we recruited them to help!

The registration table. L to R: Lou Jean, Alice, and Pat

My Joe covered all the books for us! Thanks, honey!

The bigger 57 Chevy's were filled with two Moon Pies,
and retro candy! After registration, all the decorations were added to the display tables.

For those who don't know about Moon Pies - they are big cookies filled with marshmallow cream. I think you can only get them in the South. There used to be a song (and/or a joke) about an "RC Cola and a Moon Pie!" As a gag gift we gave an RC Cola and a Moon Pie to the classmate who came the longest distance, since they aren't able to get them where they live!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the decorations! Soon I will post the photos of going to a tea room with my reunion classmates!



Love Bears All Things said...

Hello Katherine,
I've visited you from time to time. I have you in my favorites. I was just looking at the pictures and saw Butler High School. I'm thinking to myself that there are probably lots of high schools by that name in the country. So I"m scrolling down and reading other recent entries. I grew up in North Alabama, mostly in a small town in Etowah County near Boaz. I moved to Memphis from Madison where we lived form 1997-2003. My daughter lives in Huntsville. We are planning to retire there. Small world, huh. I loved the decorations.
Mama Bear

Susie said...

I loved the 50's theme you chose for your reunion.
Your table for two to remember your classmates who have passed was a touching idea. We've lost at least that many (but our class was well over 400) We graduated in 66 so have a few more yrs to go till our 50th.
My dad's 60th reunion is this year..

Mary said...

Kathy, I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading about your reunion. The memorial table was such a tender, thoughtful thing to do. You and your classmates all look wonderful! Can't wait to see those tea pics!!
Rest and relax! What a wonderful time you must have had!!

Cathy said...

Katherine, everything looks very pretty. I told you my reunion is coming up in July. It's great to know that black and white outfits are in, because I just bought two for mine. :)

Betty said...

I enjoyed seeing pictures from your class reunion. You did a great job on the decorations. Very pretty.

La Tea Dah said...

You did a lovely job of decorating, Katherine. Everything is beautiful and all your pictures show evidence of much hard work and detailed planning. Great job! And happy 50th!


ceekay said...

The decorations look great and I also love the memory table. I love the RC Cola and Moon Pie idea!

Alice said...

What a lot of work and care you put into the decorations. Everything looks gorgeous. I'm sure your classmates were pleased. I especially liked the little cars filled with treats. I didn't realize RC was still bottled today.

Mary said...


You did a fabulous job with the decorations. We had Moon Pies here in Ontario when I was a kid. We didn't get them often but once in while for a treat.

Thanks for showing us your beautiful creative work. Now to catch up on some of your other posts.


Arleen ~ The Tea Room said...

It sure looks as though you had a great time! What a coincidence that you and your friends wore black and white -- unplanned!

Thanks for being so generous in sharing all these photos with us!

~ Arleen

Rhondi said...

Hi Katherine
That was a lot of work but it sure looked great. I'll bet everyone was commenting on the decorations.
Great job.
Hugs, Rhondi

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you did an awesome job with the decorating!!! So many wonderful details, I love it all. I know that a lot of work into this and it shows.