Another Road Trip

I had planned to join in on Kelli's Show and Tell, but something is wrong with our digital camera and I can't take pictures of my subject. To make matters worse, I can't find the manual for the camera. And -- it's gets worse --

We are leaving tomorrow morning (Friday) for another road trip! We are spending two days and nights in Charleston, SC, (without a camera!!) We have been there several times, but I can't imagine going without a camera. I may have to purchase one of those disposable cameras! That's the bad news. The good news is: We are also going on up to Florence, SC to visit my daughter and her family. Her little boy, Caden, is 20 months old and such a delight! I haven't seen him since March and I'm so looking forward to quality time with him! Here's a picture of him taken last Sunday.

They were filling his little swimming pool, and he jumped in - clothes, shoes, and all!! LOL! Good thing he had on his Crocs! He also has a boo-boo on his nose, this little boy keeps one all the time! I can't wait to see him!
I'll be back in a few days (if I can tear myself away from this little guy!) Thank you for visiting my blog!


In my absence, please visit my friend who has a fairly new blog, Nikki, at Scarlett Rose Garden. I know you will enjoy her posts! She also has links to some of my other friends who have blogs, she has presented all of us with Arte y Pico awards! Thanks, Nikki!


Betty said...

What a cute little boy. Have a fun and safe trip. This is just an idea you might consider. I recently bought a memory card for my cell phone, and it takes great pictures. The memory card at Wal-Wart was $20.00. If you have a cell phone you might consider that option.

Alice said...

Oh, that Caden is a cutie pie. The pictures had me laughing. What an adventurous and fearless little fellow he is.

Lallee said...

How adorable! I love his 'go for it' attitude ;-)

Mary said...


Enjoy your trip and the time with your family. Your grandson is adorable. Be safe!


Cathy said...

You are just traveling around all the time! I'm glad you will get to see your precious little grandson. I am sure you will have to get some kind of camera! Have a wonderful trip.

Love Bears All Things said...

Enjoy Charleston. It is my favorite vacation spot and I haven't been in 6 years.
Your grandson is so cute. I know you're needed a fix of him right now, two months is long enough to be apart.
I am going to Emma's tomorrow. My women's group here decided to meet there for lunch. I've already decided two have the Duo Salad Sampler.
Mama Bear

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Katherine! It is Tuesday, so by now, you are probably back home, but I hope you had a wonderful trip! I LOVE Charleston! My brother was there for 3 years and I loved visiting! And I like Florence too! It is a quaint little town, with some wonderful small shops! That is where I travel to, when I go to Hobby Lobby and the Lifeway Christian Bookstore! "day trips!" Your grandson is precious!

Hugs, Rhonda ;)