Sing Praises to the Lord!

We are singing praises to the Lord Jesus for the good report my husband, Joe received at Mayo Clinic yesterday! He is still in remission from the lymphoma he had last year!! The doctors are very optimistic and are even removing the port next week (meaning they don't expect him to have any more chemo any time soon!!) He will still have checkups every three months. If he can go three years without reocurrence, he should be home free! Please continue to pray with us and praise and thank the Lord for answered prayers!

I appreciate all your time and prayers!

In His Love,



ceekay said...

Such wonderful news! I KNOW how wonderful that kind of good news feels for your hubby and for you!

Adrienne said...

Hi Katherine -
I am praising the Lord along with you. Such good news! I can imagine your hearts are just overflowing with gratitude.

Betty said...

Katherine, I'm afraid I didn't know your husband was having health issues. I must have missed that post somehow. Anyway, I am thankful he has gotten a good report and will keep him in my prayers.

Mary said...


Praise God!! I am so glad that Joe is still in remission. I will continue to pray for him.

Now I'm going to catch up on your other posts. Hope you are having a quiet and restful Sunday.


The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Katherine what wonderful news! Big hugs to you both!!

Alice said...

What wonderful news for you both! The power of prayer really is amazing. Getting the port out is such concrete evidence that all is well. I hope you'll do something special to celebrate.

A Hint of Home said...

I rejoice in your good news and am happy for your husband's progress.

The Lord is always good!

Susie said...

So happy for your good news!
You must be so relieved!