Tea Blog-a-thon - Tea Pots, Part 2

I'm adding a few more tea pots to LaTeaDah's Hospital-i-tea blog-a-thon.

This is a favorite, one because I love violets and two, because one of my favorite aunts (Aunt Catherine) gave me this tea set for high school graduation 50 years ago! I have treasured it all these years! I love violets and have always wanted to have a "violet tea party," someday I will! You will hear more about my 50th Class Reunion, as we are leaving next week to go to my hometown (Huntsville, AL) for a celebration of this reunion! Now you know how old I am! ;-) Ha!
Here's a sweet tea pot that I found at a rummage sale the youth group at our church was having. I like it because it has the unusual morning glory spout! The tea pot wasn't priced, and when I asked how much, I was told "$3.00." I was excited thinking what a bargain, then thought maybe I would give them $5.00 since the youth group was raising money for a trip. I told my husband to pay them, and he gave them $20!! So much for my bargain, but my generous husband wanted to help out the kids in the youth group! It is displayed on one of my favorite books, "Morning Glory" by Lavyrle Spencer.

Above is a Sandy Clough tea pot. I bought it because it has yellow roses on it, and because it goes with the book shown above. I love all Sandy Clough things!

Above is a two-cup tea pot that is used often. The little violets kitty is a creamer.

I found this pretty little tea pot at an antique store a few years ago, it has a tiny rose on top for the knob.

I'm showing this London double-decker bus tea pot just for fun. I gave it to my friend who collects unusual tea pots from England.

I have a few more tea pots, I hope to show them tomorrow.



Adrienne said...

Once again I love your teapots. It just makes me really, really wish I could see them in person and have a good visit over tea with you. My son was somewhere in your area last weekend and over the weekend. He travelled a lot and I'm not sure exactly where he went until I get a chance to hear about his trip. I BEGGED to go with him! He is in a new position that will take him to your part of the world often. I've already told him I want to travel with him sometime. He just looked at me as if to ask 'why?'. Maybe someday it will happen. In the meantime, keep sharing your lovely home and your wonderful tea things with us. ~Adrienne~

Penless Thoughts said...

You always amaze me with the lovely tea things you have.

Alice said...

The violets tea set is so special. I'm curious if you loved it from the first moment or whether you didn't truly appreciate it until you were a bit older. I ask because my niece will graduate next year and I've already been thinking of a special gift that she'd keep forever. A tea set seems perfect.

Betty said...

Enjoyed seeing your teapots, Katherine. I love the lavender ones.

Sandra said...

I loved both of your posts showing your teapots. They are sooo pretty and you've displayed so well. You have such lovely things and I really enjoy seeing them.

Thanks for sharing,


Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

You have the most amazing teapots! I love the variety. But I'm with you, I love the Violets tea set best. What a wonderful story of how you came to have it! I hope you will have your Violets Tea Party someday soon!