Show and Tell

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, go to There's no Place Like Home for more fun! Today I will tell you a sad story about an antique tea set. I received the child's tea set from my grandmother, she had acquired it in a box of antiques that was left in a house she bought, so it was very old. I had the tea set displayed on a little shelf in my daughter's room. The tea set had two plates, two cups and saucers, a tea pot, and sugar and creamer. Each piece had a different nursery rhyme on it. One sad day the shelf fell off the wall! All but three pieces were broken beyond repair. I cried as I picked up the pieces. My husband thought I was nuts for sure!! That was many years ago, before mosaic was popular (I could have used the pieces to make a mosaic!) I kept these three pieces, couldn't bear to throw them away. I wish I had a happy ending to this story, but I don't!

I'm continuing to share my Ivy and Innocence collection. This is the town restaurant.
This is "Antonio" and the "Olde Mill Restaurant."

The side of the restaurant.

The back of the restaurant.

This piece is "Table For Two." "Antonio" is the server. Notice the little kitty!

The backside. I think the little kitty is so cute! Also notice the tiny bows on the chair cushions!

I hope you enjoyed seeing more of the Ivy and Innocence collection. Next week I'll show the last set of the collection, along with the case where all of my Ivy and Innocence collection is displayed. I showed it at the beginning, but some have asked me to show it again. For more of the collection, go to the April posts of my blog.



Rebecca said...

Oh how I can relate to your broken tea set. I've lost some things like that also. I've also got several things glued around here also. They are special treasures. Glad you kept the 3 pieces as reminders and they are just as beautfiul!!

cookie said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I'm sorry about your broken pieces.


Muum said...

Those childhood treasures are hard to give up.

Mary said...


Your Ivy & Innocence collection is huge. I love all of the pieces you have shown.

How sad that the shelf fell off and the tea set was partially broken. It was indeed a treasure.

Take care and thanks for dropping by and commenting. I always enjoy visiting with you.


Susie said...

I can't get over how large your Ivy and Innocence collection must be! It's all so delightful.
That must have been heartbreaking to have the tea set shattered. I would have cried too!

ceekay said...

I think we all have lost something like that...and we never forget. Have you ever tried to replace the pieces? I cannot believe how many pieces of Ivy collection you have...are you missing any?! Thanks for comment on my things! Have a great weekend.

Kathy said...

Oh, that is heart breaking when something like that happens to a treasure. The pieces you saved really are pretty...Kathy

Hootin' Anni said...

I would have cried too...and MY husband would have thought I was crazy too. Glad to hear that you could salvage the three pieces tho. They're still cherished I'm sure.

My SnT this week is Native American Jewelry. I also added a book review this morning too, so scroll down below the review for commenting. Happy Friday to you.......

LBP said...

Oh No! I would have cried as well! The three pieces that you have left are so cute!



Adrienne said...

Wouldn't it be fun if we could meet at that little restaurant and have Antonio serve us while we chatted and visited?

I felt sad for you that the shelf and tea set broke. It reminded me of the cocoa set I had that is missing a piece. My dear little mother has the rest of the set on a hutch in her dining room. I'll have to take pictures and share that story.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving your sweet comments. I always love to hear from you.

Constance said...

Many years ago, something similair happened to me when we lived in Colorado. I had a shelf in the kitchen displaying some milk bottles I had found, one was especially cool! I was really upset to lose it! A short time later, my Hub was here in the DFW area for work. He had no car but walked (in the summertime) a round trip of 10 miles to go to an Antique Mall. He bought me a milk bottle from Texas and gave it to me upon his return. I treasure that bottle needless to say. Since that time, he and I have jointly collected milk bottles and "go-withs" from exclusively Colorado Dairies resulting in over 500 bottles! A happy ending to a sad beginning!

Barbara H. said...

Oh, that's so sad about the broken tea set! I'm glad you still have the three pieces. That reminded me of a tea set I had when I was young. It wasn't antique -- my mom said I could choose something with her S&H green stamps (remember those?) and that's what I got. I hadn't thought about that in ages. It's probably long gone (unless it is packed in her attic) but I do remember looking through the store and choosing that.

Love the figurines -- they're so cute and have such detail!

A Hint of Home said...

How sad you don't have the entire set. It's still special to have those three and the memories to go with them.
Thanks for sharing.

Anita said...

Dear Katherine,

I hope you are doing fine. I very much enjoyed looking at your cute collection, thanks for sharing!

Guess what, last week we build up a third rose arbor! Now, I have to make up my mind about the roses that I'll plant at its both sides in autumn.

Unfortunately, the wonderful warm and sunny weather we had over here in Germany over the past couple of days has come to an end and it had been raining all day long today. But the garden really deserves it, so I won't complain...

Have a blessed week-end!

XoX, Anita

TJ said...

OH I think we all have those pieces that we cry when they break. I have considered saving some for a mosaic, but typically and so annoyed that I just toss it. I'm glad you at least have a few pieces to hold on to.

Betty said...

I'm so sorry your tea set got broken, but I am glad that at least you have three pieces of it left to cherish.

I have shown some pictures from our trip. One in particular you might enjoy seeing is one of a tea party going on. Check it out.

Linda said...

Oh, it so sad when something we treasure is broken beyond repair....but I'm so happy three pieces survived. They are very sweet. Linda

Kelli said...

That is such a sad story, Katherine! I'm glad you still have the remaining pieces, they are so sweet. I just love seeing more of your little village, too!

Jaderocks said...

The pieces you still have are pretty. Have you ever looked for other pieces? I liked the Ivy and Innocence table and waiter the best. They have such great detail.

Joy said...

Love your Ivy and Innocence collection. Very cute!