Tea Blog-a-thon - OCR Centerpiece

I usually leave my Show and Tell up over the weekend, but since I haven't found the time to post on LaTeaDah's Tea Blog-a-Thon this week I'm going to jump in now and do a quick post. I'm having a hard time keeping up lately! Anybody else having this problem?

I haven't been able to have a tea party in a long time so I really don't have any new photos of tea parties, and couldn't do a new party. I'm going to show pictures of the centerpiece of the last tea party I had, some of you have seen this, but maybe some of my new blogging friends will enjoy seeing them.

My long-time friends came for tea. These friends live in the town I moved from seven years ago, they had never seen my new house. I used my Old Country Roses china and I made the centerpiece with things I have around the house, an Old Country Roses hat box, perfume bottle, figurines, beaded purse, etc.

The little frame has a photo of my grandmother when she was a teenager.

Gloves, beads, and tiny crocheted baby shoes were also in the centerpiece. The slipper filled with roses is a candle!

This coming week on the Tea Blog-a-Thon I hope to post several tea rooms I have visited.

Thank you for visiting!



Bonita said...

What a thoughtful, original centerpiece. I'm sure it was a great conversation starter.

Kelli said...

Your centerpiece is gorgeous, Katherine! What a beautiful tea table to enjoy with friends!

A Hint of Home said...

Your table looks so inviting. I would love to be a guest.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I can't wait to see your lamps, clocks & mirrors.

Happy Mother's Day.

Mary said...


This is all so pretty. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you had a great weekend.

Alice said...

Everything you do is always so pretty. I wish I had your gift for putting just the right elements together. Your friends must have been delighted with the tea.