Taste Tea Salon

The third tea room I'm sharing is another tea room we visited while in Williamsburg, VA. The Taste Tea Salon was featured in Tea Time magazine, Winter/Holiday 2004. It is everything, and more than stated in the article! We enjoyed it very much!

The tea salon is located in a small mall. You enter the door and see this pretty archway above.

Lots of eye candy! They also have a gift shop! (on the right here)

Each table had different place settings. We could choose our own table!

Hmmm, shall it be pink chintz?

Or dramatic black??

Actually, we chose a table because I liked centerpiece, then when she served us, she removed the centerpiece, and it wasn't in any of the photos!! It was so cute, has little birds on it. If you click on the top picture with the arch, you may see it on the right, far corner. I also liked this table because it was in a corner away from everybody!

Now, what shall we order? (I left this photo large so you can click on it and read the details.)

First, we were served scones, lemon curd, and cream with our tea!

The little tea pots were so unusual. The handles on the top could lift the tea leaves container up out of the water! This is great so the tea doesn't get bitter! I've forgotten what my tea was, but remember Joe's was licorice flavored.

My scone. You can see the pretty plates, a touch of Spring!

Next, we were served the most delicious cream of onion soup I've ever tasted! (I don't even like onion soup!) It had toasted onion rings crumbled on top.

We each had our own tiered trays of sweets and savory. I have forgotten what everything was, I can't find the travel journal right now that I recorded everything in! I can tell you this - everything was absolutely superb!

Joe and me, we forgot to put the large centerpiece back on the table! :-( Go to the top picture of the arch and click on it. Look at the table in the back corner, on the right and see if you can see the little wrought iron "tree" that has little birds on it. (Under the black picture, not the big orange flower! Ha!)

Joe, and Diana, the proprietor of Taste Tea Salon.

The tea room at the Village Shops at Kingsmill, Williamsburg. Lots of neat shops all around! One was "White Cotton" a classy antique store that features tons of white linens, china, etc. Just beautiful!

I would love to go back!



*Rose~*~Scarlett* said...

Katherine, every one of these tea rooms looks devine. I want to gobble up all of those goodies! (That wouldn't be very lady like would it?!) I saw the tree centerpiece thingy.. very neat! I love a black and white checkered floor.

Lisa said...

Cute place! The food looks great. I love those teapots - so different.

Millie said...

The tea house looks like a great place to enjoy a cuppa...
Enjoyed your posting.

Alice said...

The tea room owner certainly gave great attention to every detail. I love those little teapots and have never seen them before. The tiered tray looks so full of goodies. I don't think you left there hungry!

Mary said...


This is a delightful little tea shop and I love the centerpiece of the table you chose.

Looks like you all had a great time. The photos are great. I love tea rooms and always find something of interest here.


ellen b. said...

Ha! What a good sport Joe is! I love it. That soup looks so good.

Steph said...

Lovely! I really like the diversity of dishes that they use!

Adrienne said...

More lovely places for tea! They are each so special and different. I love the black dishes. ~Adrienne~

Miss Sandy said...

Williamsburg is such a lovely place and your tea time adventure sounds like it was wonderful. Not so sure I could get my hubby to join in, maybe I'll try! Thank you for sharing your delightful trip to tea!

Bonita said...

I have a really good friend that goes to Williamsburg all the time and she's always trying to get me to go, but I've never wanted to go-until now! That looks like a great tea room. I've never seen teapots like those. How clever! It looks like you and Joe had a grand time.

Carrie said...

What a lovely setting. With great food and service it would be a place I would enjoy visiting.

Grace Yaskovic said...

wonderful posts, great memories

La Tea Dah said...

What a lovely tea room! The food looks fantastic! I enjoyed viewing the tea tables and the pretty centerpiece. I note that the silverware is placed upside down at each place setting (turned over). I've never seen that done before. Do you have any idea why she sets the tables this way? Also, you started out with black chinz tableware and ended up with a spring design. Did she switch out your china when serving you? I'm so curious, huh! LOL!


Rhondi said...

Hi KAtherine
I am so far behind with visiting all my favorite bloggers, so thought I'd pick this post to comment on. What delightful photos of the tea rooms. I'd love to visit each one . I would order English Breakfast tea, and scones with strawberry rpeserves and devon cream. Yum!
Hope you have a great weekend.
Hugs, Rhondi

Anonymous said...

Oh, how pretty, I love that you could choose which kind of plates you wanted to eat from. Thanks for sharing with us.