Paris Tea Room

Since I've posted several tea rooms this week, and in keeping with LaTeaDah's tea Blog-a-thon Tea Room Ventures and Venues I want to share a blog I keep up with. She is an artist who does watercolors, mostly of Paris themes/pastries. Today she features a Paris tea room that is real pretty. I have never been to Paris, but would love to go there and have tea at one of the tea parlours there!
I have had tea at Harrod's in London, it was very special there! Have you ever had tea in a foreign country? Let us live vicariously through your experience there!

Did you know tea is The' in French? I don't know how it is pronounced, do you? The accent may be in another place.

I hope you enjoy seeing the tea room on this blog, and her miniature tea sets. Click here:


Adrienne said...

That's a wonderful blog to visit. Thanks for sharing it with us. ~Adrienne~

ellen b said...

Beautiful. We had tea at Fortnum and Masons in London but it was before I was blogging and before I took photos of everything :)
I think I need to go back to the UK now that I'm a blogger...

La Tea Dah said...

A beautiful poster --- I have enjoyed Paris Breakfasts for quite some time as well. I love her art!

And how sad about your broken antique children's tea set. I understand how heartbroken you must have been. It looks very sweet (what's left of it).