Show and Tell - Ivy Cove

Welcome to Kelli's Show and Tell, go here for lots more fun. Today I am completing the Ivy and Innocence collection. This last part is of Ivy Cove, the little fishing village on the outskirts of Ivy town.
The Lighthouse at Ivy Cove
This is the largest piece of my Ivy and Innocence collection, and it doesn't fit in the curio cabinet I keep the rest of the collection in. This lighthouse is ten inches tall and the base is 7 inches wide. I display it in a spare room that has nautical decor.Back side of lighthouse.
Above are the pieces of Ivy Cove that I have.
The fish cart, front
The back side of the fish cart. Can you see the little lobster?
Left, is entitled "Yo Ho Ho." "Pesky Pelican" is on the right.
"Try Our Taffy" on the left. "Half a Mile to Ivy" on the right.
Back sides.
"Fish Tales" on the left. "Fisherman's Gear" on the right.
Back sides. I think the little kitties are so cute.
The boat is "S.S. Ivy." The sign is "Sail Away."
Other side.
Above is "Ross Harwell and Jimmy" I don't think he belongs in Ivy Cove, but I haven't shown him yet. I think he may be the toy maker. Below I have taken pictures of the Ivy and Innocence Pocket Guide. I think you can click on each of them and read the cute stories about each piece. Believe it or not, I don't have all the pieces!

Click to enlarge

I hope you are able to read the little stories of each figurine (if you have time!)

This is the curio I keep the Ivy and Innocence collection in (in my dining room.)

You can click on the above picture to see details.

I do have a few Christmas pieces of Ivy and Innocence, but they are packed away with the Christmas things. There's a small Nativity, a toy shoppe, and some town people.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing the Ivy and Innocence collection.



ceekay said...

You don't have all the pieces????
I can't believe it. Are they still making them? My only wish is that I could see them in person. Have fun in Charleston!! I wish I could go back too...maybe next year.

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Katherine,

I totally agree with you. One could never go wrong if one is after the Romance English look! :)

Susie said...

Hi Katherine,
I've enjoyed seeing yet another segment of your beautiful collection. You have it displayed so attractively. I'm sure you must get pleasure out of seeing it every day!

Carrie said...

Oh yes, I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at this entire collection. It is so charming. It is so nice of you to provide the catalogue pages for use to read. Thanks again for your clear photos and text.

Hootin' Anni said...

LOVE the curio cabinet! And the's ALL so breathtaking. And I've really enjoyed the weeks that you've shared your collection. You should be VERY proud.

My Show n Tell is bone china cardinals this week. And especially a favorite...a cardinal music box.

The show n tell is following a set of photos of a tornado that ripped through where my nephew lives!!! I had to post those first since it's family!! So, scroll down.

Happy weekend, and for the Americans, have a safe holiday!

Penless Thoughts said...

Yet another lovely collection.

Constance said...

WOW! You have a great collection and I LOVE your curio! The pelican was especially cute!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

These are so sweet and pretty! I love the curio cabinet, too! My favorite was the little boat! I don't know why, it just struck my fancy! :)

I took a peek at all of your tea pots too! They are all beautiful! Your violets set, resembles mine very closely. I even got mine out to see if they were the exact pattern. Mine is made by Winrose Collection, and my MIL brought it for me at a craft show about 13 years ago. We even had a formal portrait of Ashley made with the tea set when she was 2. Your set is very pretty!

Hope you have a great holiday weekend! ~Rhonda ;)

Mary said...


I have enjoyed seeing your collection of Innocence and Ivy. It is beautiful and so is the cabinet that you display it in. I hope you will post the Christmas pieces in December. I'm curious to see those as well.

Enjoyed visiting, as always.
Blessings for a great Memorial Day weekend. Mary

Linda said...

Hi Katherine, this is such a wonderful collection and I have so enjoyed seeing all your you think you'll be getting the pieces you don't have?

I'm looking forward to seeing the holiday collection. Hugs, linda

Kathy said...

You have some collection, Katherine! I love the little fish cart and all its detail...Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

Kelli said...

Oh, the little fishing village is darling and I love seeing your entire collection together in the cabinet. You have everything set up beautifully!

Susan Reader said...

Wow, I particularly love your Ivy & Innocence Collection. It is wonderful to see. I hope that you will not mind that I link to your site... I would like others to see it as well.

Bless you and your family,