Show and Tell - Butter Mold

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, go here for lots more fun. Today I'm sharing my grandmother's butter mold. She used to churn her milk (after milking the cow!) then she would skim the butter off the top of the milk and place it inside this butter mold.

(Below: The inside of the butter mold, you can see the design that will be on the butter. You push the plunger so the butter will slip out of the mold.

Back in the 70s I did decorative painting on this mold. I used to have it displayed on a shelf in my kitchen along with a lot of country decorating.

I'm also sharing more of my Ivy and Innocence collection. Today I'm featuring the church and school house.

The church is named "All Faith Chapel. The little sign is named "Joyful News!"

(Above: The back of the church and sign.

"Parson Brown," "Mary and John Knight, Jr." and "Elisabeth Knight."

"Violet and Ed Peters" ride their bicycle built for two!

Back side

"The Olde Ivy School." The flag is "Long May it Wave."

The school house set.

Boy figurine is "Andrew and Chase," his dog. "Miss Jenny Morris and Amy."

"The Seesaw" is a Members Only collectible.

Back side of "The Seesaw" I think the little dog is so cute!

If you missed seeing other village pieces of the Ivy and Innocence collection, go to the three previous Show and Tell in past weeks.

I hope you enjoyed seeing more of the Ivy and Innocence village collection, and my Show and Tell! Please leave a comment, and please return often!



Mary said...


Your butter mold that belonged to your grandmother is a real treasure. Grandma had the entire set; churn, butter bowl, ladles etc. When she moved in 1961, my uncle threw them all in the dump. No one could believe it but it was too late when it was found out. He thought they were junk. I would give my eye-teeth to have that set today.

Love the pieces from your Ivy & Innocence collection. Thanks for sharing.


Jewelgirl said...

Wow, never seen butter mold before.
I wouldn't have known what it was
either. A neat family treasure!
Love the story with it! Lovely
collection you have!

Penless Thoughts said...

Those figurine pieces are so lovely and I especially love the butter mold because it belonged to your grandmother.

Hootin' Anni said...

A butter mold!! And you have it!! Wow, priceless.

I like the school yard set best...These are a treat for us.

Happy Show n Telling ---
Happy Friday.

Alice said...

I've never seen a butter mold like that before. I wonder if they weren't used in this area. Your decorative painting adds such a nice touch to it, just beautiful.

A Hint of Home said...

I love the butter mold. How great that you have such a keepsake.
Have a great weekend.

Constance said...

I think we forget about how convienient we have it today. We run to Sprawl-Mart and grab a plastic tub from the dairy section without a thought to the days of old. How awesome to have her mold! Thanks for sharing with us this week!

Betty said...

Hi Katherine,

I enjoyed your show and tell for today. The figurines are beautiful, but I especially enjoyed seeing the butter mold. I barely remember my Mom churning butter, and I really don't remember ever seeing a butter mold. I'm sure Mom had one. I just don't remember. You did a good job with the painting on it.

My show and tell is up, and I showed more pictures of our trip to Huntsville.

ceekay said...

Oh Katherine, I love that Butter mold. I have always had one of those on my someday try to find list. That list is rather lengthy, and as prices of antiques go up....not too likely. I enjoyed seeing yours!

Kelli said...

Your butter mold is such a special treasure, Katherine!

Wanita said...

I don't see butter molds very often. Yours is a treasure. Thanks for sharing it.

Linda said...

I love the butter mold, it's especially wonderful since it was your grandmother's.

What a wonderful collection of Ivy and Innocence you have...I think the couple on the bicycle for two is so cute. Have a happy weekend. Linda
p.s. Pretty new header.

A Romantic Porch said...

So adorable. I've just never seen Ivy and Innocence...except yours! xoRAchel

Barbara H. said...

What a neat butter mold! I enjoyed seeing the plunger and the pattern -- I didn't know that's how it worked. And I love the painting you did on it. The figurines are all cute!

Adrienne said...

Your butter mold is special. I have a few things that belonged to my grandmother and my great-grandmother. Not many, but they are special. Your Ivy and Innocence collection is so cute. What fun! ~Adrienne~

The Apron Queen said...

Lovely collection. Didn't know about the butter mold either.

Come see the new addition to our family:

Bonita said...

My mother would go crazy over that butter mold. She collects them, but that one is very unique.