Our Daily Walks

My husband, Joe and I try to take a walk daily when the weather cooperates, and if we have time, we walk about an hour. Come along with us and see what we see along the way. This is where we start in our neighborhood, above is the Clubhouse, there's a restaurant and golf pro shop inside. It overlooks the river behind it, which is the intercoastal waterway, which runs parallel to the ocean.
This is a gazebo behind the clubhouse, going out to the river.

We can walk to the left on this trail (above) or to the right on the boardwalk (below)

This day we choose to go left (below)

(Above) View of the golf course from the trail.

There are many beautiful mansions along the trail, such as above, and below:

Unusual plants are used in the landscaping (above and below)

Below, another pier on the water, this one is about half-way on our walk.

View of the river from the pier:
View to the left below:
View to the right, below:

Across from the pier is a gazebo which is another entryway to the walking area.
The gazebo from the other side:
Other private boat piers, below:

(For my Canadian friends, can you see the flag?)

More plants, the cactus on the right has fruit on it. The fruit can be harvested and jelly can be made from it.

I hope you enjoyed going along on our walk with us! There are many people walking their dogs, riding their bikes, or jogging along the way. It is a very pleasant place to walk!

(Note) No, we don't live in the expensive homes on the river, but it's a fun place to take a walk!

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Alice said...

It is gray, snowing and icing today. Going along on your walk was just what I needed.

Adrienne said...
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Adrienne said...

Katherine -

(That was me who deleted the above comment. I published accidentally before I was finished!)

I loved going on your walk with you. Thank you for taking us along. It was beautiful and your pictures were great. If I ever get to your area maybe we can walk together and then have tea.

Thank you for stopping by my blog to visit. Yes, you are right. If we had been antiquing together at the Oregon Coast we would have had to fight over the yellow cake plate I bought. But maybe not. There was a lot of gorgeous yellow glass there. The one that took my eye was a complete set of the most delicate, exquisite yellow stemware. Every size and shape you could imagine. I wish I had written down the information to learn more about the company and pattern. The price was way more than I would have paid but it was good to stand and look at it on the shelves of the china cabinet in the antique mall. You would have found a number of things that day, I'm sure, and I would have been very happy for you. If you are ever out this way I will tell you how to get there. Maybe we can go together!

Penless Thoughts said...

Boy, what a lovely area to be able to walk in.

Gwen said...

I really enjoyed our walk but I have stopped off and am sitting on one of those benches reading a book!! What a wonderful place to walk in!!

jennifer said...

Maybe if I had such lovely things to see I would walk more often! Jennifer

Alison Gibbs said...

Katherine what a great place to go for a walk.

A Romantic Porch said...

Katherine, That walk was so fun! We have a wintery icy mix of weather here, and it is so cold. Thanks for the invitation! xo Rachel

Betty said...

Beautiful scenery....when I walk I see expansive green fields and a pond with lots of Canada Geese....but I'm not complaining.....

Thank for commenting on the silver bucket....Betty

Mary said...


Thanks for taking me on this walking tour with you. The area you walk in is beautiful. I love gazebos and water, so this area would be a blessing to me.

I could see the American and Canadian flags blowing in the wind together. What a beautiful site of our two countries living in harmony.

Thanks so much for commenting on Michelle's homecoming. I appreciate it very much.


Hope said...

Hi Katherine,
What a lovely walk we had. I'm a little tired now and I think it would be nice if I could just have a little nap in that cozy guest room?? :o)

Beautiful pictures...thanks for taking me along!


Lallee said...

Those views are beautiful. I think I would get out and exercise on paths like that! It's the Florida I know and love.

Betty said...

You have a really nice place to walk, and it is really beautiful along the way. You must really enjoy your walks.

Rhondi said...

What a lovely place you have for a walk. I hope you get out often to enjoy it. Rhondi xo

GardenGoose said...

lovely area to walk.