Foyer Valentine Decor

Here's the hall tree in our foyer again. Now it's decorated for Valentines Day.

This little demi cup and saucer is the only Valentine looking one I have. Just found it this year at Marshall's. The vintage-look candy box was purchased at Russell Stover's outlet recently. The necklace was a dollar at the dollar store, I think it is a child's necklace.
I bought the glitter hearts on a stick and then couldn't decide what to do with them, the sticks didn't look so good in the clear vase, so I filled it with tulle!

Tonight I read in the February Romantic Homes about a lady doing a "Twelve Days of Christmas" theme, but used 14 days till Valentine's Day instead, doing something special for her husband for 14 days during February ending with their wedding vows done in calligraphy and framed. She did everything from Hershey's kisses, to pink frosted cookies, to cartoon hearts, then pink cupcakes, jewelry, etc. Nice idea, and nice story! It's on page 83 if you have the mag.

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Alison Gibbs said...

Katherine, your Valentine's decor looks so sweet.

Becky said...

I love all your Valentine's decorations. That basket on your door is so lovely. And the necklace and gloves you showed us on show and tell day are beautiful. I remember wearing white gloves as a girl.

Karla said...

How pretty!! Thanks for sharing!