Home is Where the Heart Is

I looked around the house to see how many hearts I could find. This little wall pocket hangs on the bedroom door. Below is a beeswax heart, it hangs on the pantry door. I added the ribbon and beads for Valentine's Day. It was given to me by LaDonna Gracious Hospitality.

(Above) A child's rosary with tiny red hearts, displayed on a heart shaped doiley.

(Below) A heart shaped Brighton Night Light. This was given to me by my daughter, Alyson.

(Above) A heart shaped tea ball that holds loose tea while brewing in a tea pot.

My Heart Bears. Beany Babies are: White Valentino 1994. The red Valentino is 1998



Penless Thoughts said...

When I started looking around my house the other day to do a Valentine center piece for the table I was shocked how little red is in my house!!

Alice said...

How pretty each heart is. And tomorrow is Valentine's Day! I am eager to see what your next decorating theme will be.

Esther Sunday said...

Katherine - what a lovely section of hearts you have - in addition to your own sweet one! Love, Esther

A Romantic Porch said...

So beautiful. How neat to find all of the hearts!

Cathy said...

Such pretty hearts, Katherine! I love the little wreath and the nightlight.

Karla said...

I love your "parade" of hearts! How fun!

Adrienne said...

Such wonderful hearts. Thank you for sharing them with us. I haven't had time to find all the hearts around my house. Maybe I'll have to make that a goal before next year!

Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving your sweet comments. We had a marvelous time at the beach. My dear mother loved every minute of her time away. And, yes, my sweetheart is a very special man. He loved doing this for her as much as I did.

In a few days I'll share a wonderful piece of yellow glass I found at an antique mall near the house we rented. Gorgeous. I have plans for it. You'll love it, I know.

Hope said...

Beautiful collection of heart, Katherine! I saw another post of just things around the home that have hearts. I started looking around my own home for them and didn't find many. I have lots of red apple things though. Does that count? :o)


ceekay said...

Hi Katherine. Thank you for checking my blog and leaving such kind remarks. I absolutely love that heart nite lite. And the bears are soooo cute. I wonder how many heart things I have around the house??? Your blog is one I check daily...I would love to visit you and your lovely home in person. I think we are kindred spirits!...Have a great day...

Anonymous said...

All is beautiful! You have a gift of how to display your pretty items!!!


Carrie said...

Hello Katherine,
I enjoyed this post. Your heart items are lovely and you photographed them well.
Happy Valentine's Day!