I have done three centerpieces, please vote on which is your favorite, including the one previously posted. The one above is on my old faithful mirror usually used to do the centerpieces on for the dining room table. I used all darker colors with this one. The little scattered hearts are flat shiny marbles in the shape of hearts.
(Above) I forgot I had this cake plate (I bought it for myself before Christmas and had it hidden under the bed! A post by Rachel at A Romantic Porch reminded me I had the Kim Anderson figurine. It is sitting on a crocheted heart Lallee at Lallee's Cottage, gave me.
This is an oversized goblet filled with tulle and a garland of hearts. A Battenburg fan and mini umbrella, and a little angel are at the base. Two heart necklaces complete the vignette. Please vote on your favorite!

Thank you!



Anonymous said...

You make it sooo hard to vote as they are all so beautiful. However if I HAD to choose, I would pick the one in the middle with the one at the bottom as a very close runner up.


Betty said...

Hi Katherine,

I like all your creations, but I think I'll have to vote for the one centered around the cake plate.

Thanks for your concern about me and the storms we've had tonight. The weather was bad all around us, but we didn't get any damage that we know of. Thanks for asking.

Alice said...

Hmmm, they are all so pretty that it is difficult to pick one. There is something about that cake plate with its glass dangles that really takes my eye. Combined with the little figurine and red hearts, it makes such a festive scene. I vote for it.

Betty said...

All three are beautiful and would be an asset to any table....I am partial to the cake plate pedestal one.....Betty

Esther Sunday said...

Don't make me choose! Ok, I think I like the third one best due to it being pretty unique. Heck, though, I would gladly and proudly use any of them! Love, Esther

Lallee said...

You've created some beautiful vignettes for Valentines this year. Your house is looking very romantic.

ceekay said...

Love the one with the cake plate although all are cute. I too love to decorate for the holidays. Enjoy your site.

Kari & Kijsa said...

So many sweet ones! We love something about each one...so hard to choose. Maybe we would pick number two, not only because it is lovely, but because Lallee made the heart, and she is fabulous too!!

Love how each one is creative and unique!
kari & kijsa

Adrienne said...

I like them all! I think the one with the cake plate is so sweet so maybe that's my favorite. You did a nice job. ~Adrienne~

Kelli said...

Oh my! I don't think I can pick, they are all gorgeous, Katherine! I do love the first one a lot. Is that an Victorian Valentine in the center? So pretty!

Hope said...

Hi Katherine,
Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I'm trying to catch up here and feel like I've been away for months!!

Oh, I love all those center pieces and I am so bad at making decisions. If I must choose, I guess I'd have to pick the one with the cake plate. I love that!

Thanks for stopping by today.


Linda said...

Hi Katherine..I like them all. My first choice is the centerpiece on the mirrow, and a close second is the one on the cake stand. Linda

A Romantic Porch said...

Katherine, You are so creative. I like all of them, but my favorite is the one with the Kim Anderson figurine. You're probably not surprised by that! I have 5 Kim Anderson figurines. I haven't seen the one you have. They are special gifts from my husband during specific times that I still remember. AND I LOVE cake plates. I'd like to collect them, but can you believe I actually don't own one. For now, when I need a cake pedestal I stack glass platters on vases or bowls and create a similar look. I just really love what you've done. So I guess #2 is my vote! Have a great day. Love,Rachel

Betty said...

Thank you for visiting me today and commenting on the kitty. No, Katherine, there was no water in the tub. I have no idea why she got in the tub. No one put her there. She got in herself.

Carrie said...

Ah, a new banner! How nice.
While i like all three centerpieces, my pick is the first centerpiece. I love the golds with the red hearts in that one. The vintage Valentine and the little cherub are great.
The cakeplate with its hanging prisms is lovely, what a great find.

Penless Thoughts said...

They are all nice, but I think my favorite would be the one under the cake cover. Did my e-mail help any?

Just Between Us Girls said...

Dear Katherine,
I love your cake plate centerpiece. Your arrangement is just beautiful and so thoughtful. Yes, that one has my vote.

La Tea Dah said...

Katherine, I'm (impatiently) waiting for your Show and Tell post of this week. I suspect I need to wait for one more hour and 15 minutes. You are so good about being one of the first to post each week. I will check back soon!

I love your Valentine's centerpiece. It is very beautiful! Great job! Thanks for sharing your ideas.


La Tea Dah said...

PS: My favorite is the cake plate with the prism crystals and the sweet kissing couple.

nannykim said...

Oh--I like the center one the best--with the dome thingy and the kissing couple--so cute! Let me know if you have any neat ideas for a Spring Wreath for the door--I need something with some red in it.

Mary said...


They are all absolutely lovely, but I'm partial to the last one. I love parasols and cupids. Very pretty.