My Valentine Welcome

This heart shaped basket filled with flowers is always on the front door during February.

I hope my guests feel the love and welcome as they enter our home. This is the courtyard at the front door of our house. My husband built the arbor and we have bouganvillia growing on it. We haven't had a freeze in Florida in over two years, so the bouganvillia vine is very hearty and grows "like a weed!"

Betty at Country Charm tagged me to do this Bold and Free meme. Thanks, Betty for thinking of me. I hope no one is getting tired of these meme's I've been doing!

1. I'm blessed to be me because Jesus loves me and protects me and has planned my life, and gone before me to prepare the way.

2. I'm blessed to be me because I have a church family who supports me in prayer and fellowship.

3. I'm blessed to be me because I have a Christian husband who prays with me and supports me in all ways.

4. I'm blessed to be me because I have two daughters who have never given me any problems (even as teens!) They now have Christian families who are following the Lord and blessing them with unrebellious actions (they are reaping what they sewed!)

5. I'm blessed to be me because I have many friends who love me and pray for me. Most of these have been my friends for over 40 years! Some of the new praying friends were acquired over the internet in groups and blogs.

6. I'm blessed to be me because I live in a warm climate with cheery sunshine almost daily!

7. I'm blessed to be me because we enjoy a beautiful view, the back of our house overlooks water! (a lake, not the ocean.)

8. I’m blessed to be me because I have good health!

9. I’m blessed to be me because we have good doctors, health insurance, hospitals, etc.

10. I’m blessed to be me because I don’t require a lot of entertainment to enjoy life, I’m a homebody who enjoys being home, decorating, cooking, etc.

11. I’m blessed to be me because I’m content reading, playing on the computer, or watching a good TV program!

12. I’m blessed to be me because my husband tolerates my enjoyment of collecting things I love, and I have a knack for buying things at little cost, and displaying them tastefully.

13. I’m blessed to be me because God blessed me with a creative talent which is why I enjoy crafts, decorating, etc..

14. I’m blessed to be me because my husband likes to travel and I’ve seen many interesting and fun places in and out of the country.

15. I’m blessed to be me because I live in a free country, free to make my own choices, free to vote, and freedom of choice of church I want to attend.

Thank you for your interest, please leave a comment! And please do return soon!



Feathering My Nest said...

I love your arbor and heart shaped basket. They are both so pretty. Nice meme too. Hugs, Kathi

Adrienne said...

Katherine -
Your door is so inviting - I'd like to just walk right up and knock on it!

You are so blessed. And such a blessing to know.

Alice said...

You must have felt wonderful after thinking about and writing down your blessings, so many special things in your life. And that should include your bouganvillia! We have nothing like that up here in the cold north. It probably takes your guests a while to actually get to your door because of standing and admiring.

Betty said...


I feel such a kindredship with you....those could be my blessings also....

I like your heartshaped basket and the bougainvillea is gorgeous...mine is in the greenhouse. It is blooming but is much smaller......we have had 20 degree weather some nights.....

Thank you for the sweet comment about our 'Lucy'.....she is a joy...

I can't imagine why the doll house was tossed away but hey, it's my blessing now.....not sure when it will get finished but before too long, hopefully......

Blessings for a restful, peaceful weekend.....Betty

the teach said...

Beautiful Valentine door decoration and arbor! Have a wonderful weekend! Lucky you living in Florida! :)

GardenGoose said...

love the entry way to your nice.
by the way..please stop by my blog..I am having a give away..invite some of your friends on by too if you'd like..the more the merrier!

Betty said...

I enjoyed reading your meme and getting to know you a little better.

I absolutely love the heart-shaped basket on your door. So neat.

Nora Lee said...

Your arbor and flowers are beautiful!

Rhondi said...

Hi Katherine I love the entrance to your home. The bouganveilla is so beautiful. It looks like you had a great time with your friend! Rhondi xo

Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely welcome at your door. The flowers and arbor are so beautiful too, quite a contrast to our snow!!!


Barbara H. said...

Oh, I love that heart-shaped basket! And the arbor with the flowers!