Screen door

Here's another little scarecrow! I bought him a few years ago because he is attached to a little screen door! I love screen doors! I have fond memories of screen doors, they remind me of my childhood. Back before air-conditioning almost everybody had screen doors. Some people had a screen door at the front and back doors. These screen doors had little hooks on them for locks, but people seldom locked their screen doors! Back then hardly anybody even locked any doors! And it was safe, everybody trusted their neighbors! Screen doors were a sign of friendship and welcome.

I still remember the squeak of the screen doors. This was the signal that someone was coming in, even before they gave a holler announcing their arrival! Screen doors helped keep bugs and flies out of the house. I remember my grandmother putting a wire around a tissue and attaching it to the outside of the screen door. This was supposed to scare flies away! It must have worked since she did it every summer!

Do you have special memories of screen doors? Did you mother constantly tell you to "stop slamming that door!" And try as you may, you would always forget and let it slam each time! I guess our children were spared of that!

I miss screen doors. I missed them so much I had my husband install one at our front door. It's not a pretty wood screen door with Victorian gingerbread trim, like I love, but it is a screen door! It is called a "vanishing" screen door because it retracts to one side when you open it to enter. Yes, that's a fancy new screen door.....but it doesn't have that familiar squeak that I would love to hear!

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