Halloween Duck!

How do you like this duck dressed up as a witch? She makes me laugh! When we lived in Indiana a few years ago, my husband was fascinated to see people had duck statues on their porches, and would change the duck's costume with each season and holiday! He always laughed about the different costumes, and I think he looked forward to seeing each new one! When I saw this little duck dressed-up, I had to buy her for Joe! We've had her several years now, but only have one costume, so she is only displayed at Halloween!


Alice said...

Oh, that Duck Witch made me laugh! Don't you think she'd look cute dressed as Mrs. Santa for Christmas? :)

Vee said...

Your Joe sounds like my guy.... cute that he noticed, or even cared... and it is cute that people did that with ducks. Always some little quirk in different parts of the world aren't there?

Hey, a Christmas outfit could work...or..just undress her and place some beautiful festive ribbon and greenery around her neck like I have on a decorator duck I found.