Fall Decor

Little curly haired scarecrow is among my fall decorations. I have my scarecrow collection throughout the house during autumn.
This little scarecrow has fallen down and can't get up again!

Three little scarecrows hang on the French doors in our breakfast nook.

Scarecrow on top of TV armoire in the family room. Old luggage pieces are on top of armoire.
Silk fall leaves are intertwined in the dining room chandelier.


jennifer said...

Now I love the leaves on the chandelier!

Thanks for more ideas!

Alice said...

I love all your scarecrows! I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I'd forgotten about all your wonderful scarecrows!
What fun to see them!

Janice said...

What wonderful and festive decorations for fall! Isn't it such a fun time of year?!

Cathy said...

I believe someone loves scarecrows. They are cute, and the leaves are pretty in the chandelier.

Lallee said...

Katherine, I enjoyed seeing all your fall decorations. I think your scarecrows are always my favorite. The pin made by Tanner is adorable. I bet you wear it with pride.