Mayo Clinic - Jacksonville, FL

This is a Dale Chihuly glass sculptor chandelier located in the new Mayo Hospital lobby. Since we have been driving to Mayo Clinic/Jacksonville every day, five days a week, for the past four weeks for Joe's radiation, I thought I would show some of the more enjoyable things at Mayo, and about the new hospital that is being built, and ready by Spring 2008.

Joe under the chandelier, and in front of the blue marble water wall. This area is the James E. and Florence Davis Lobby and Gallery, in the new hospital. (Joe's face is very red from the radiation.)

I have to wear walking shoes because the place is so big, and to keep up with Joe walking!

A Tiffany display is in the gallery. I think the Davis family donated all these items for the gallery. The Davis family owns the Winn-Dixie grocery chain.

The Tiffany lamps are beautiful!

I need to read all this next time we go, so I can describe it better! We have been given two days reprieve to let Joe's face have a break, it is getting burned badly. We don't know which is worse, radiation, or chemotherapy! But, we are thankful that there is help for the lymphoma!

Other displays in the gallery. That's a silver tea service, bottom center.

I love the antique radio sitting on the table in the center.

The shovel was used at the ground breaking ceremony.

Above: the blue marble water wall up close, the water still doesn't show up though.

The hallway from the lobby of the new Mayo hospital. This hallway leads to the art galleries and to the chandelier. The grounds at Mayo Clinic are also very beautiful! They try to make everything a nice experience.

There is absolutely no smoking anywhere on the whole campus at Mayo Clinic. We think this is wonderful, all hospitals should have this policy.

Fountains and lovely landscaping surrounds all the buildings.


nannykim said...

Those are some pretty awesome pictues--the grounds are especially beautiful and peaceful. I did not realize they had a mayo clinic in the South. I had only known of the one in the middle of the US. Take care and God bless--

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

There are three Mayo Clinics. The first one in Rochester, MN, One in Phoenix, AZ, and the one in Jacksonville, FL. We are so impressed with Mayo Clinic. The doctors work on salary, therefore do not try to pack in too many patients daily (to make more money!) They spend a lot of time with each patient, and they always work in teams, with at least two doctors (sometimes more) working each case.


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I do know how to spell my own name, don't know what happened! LOL!


Alice said...

How fortunate your Joe can be cared for by doctors at this hospital. Your photos show a place where they've really paid attention to the details. Is there any relief for his burning skin? I hope he can enjoy some ice cream, cooling on the inside anyway.

Alison Gibbs said...

Hope all is going well for Joe's treatment. The Mayo Hospital certainly is impressive and how good that the Doctors work for a salary and are not rushing through patients. My Father in law is presently going through chemo for lymphoma. Looks like Joe is being treated in a great hospital with caring staff and wonderful peaceful surrounds.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful grounds, so peaceful and relaxing. I am impressed with the displays inside as well. I pray that Joe's face heals enough to continue on with his treatments.


Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

God bless you both. The lighting is fabulous there. The grounds, just amazing. That water wall must be something!


Lallee said...

How nice that the clinic has some restful places there. Thank you for sharing, Katherine. Wishing Joe the best!

Penless Thoughts said...

That chandeliar is relly something!

Betty said...

I am familiar with the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. My surviving sibling (4 died from cancer plus my Mother)went to Mayo and I went with him....It is a wonderful place.

Hope your husband is doing well...Betty