More Scarecrows

The scarecrow above is made from a block of wood!
This is "Patches" (above) He is a Puffkin scarecrow. Puffkins were popular when Beanie Babies were several years ago.

Scarecrows are tucked among flowers and plants in our house.

Happy Autumn!

I love these scarecrow (heads) above. The one on the left is a handpainted light bulb! The other two are painted flower pots. They just make me smile!

This little scareycrow is riding a pumpkin on wheels! He looks like he is having so much fun!

The little scarecrow above is made from chenille. She is hanging on the knob of the TV armoire in the family room.

The little scarecrow doll above is just sitting in the wicker chair in the family room.

This scarecrow is on the back side of the front door. His arms and legs are poseable and I like to change his pose often! He makes me want to kick up my heels!

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Trudi A said...

Love your fall decor, I don't use much halloween either, but I'm drawn to the cute stuff. Plus I want my decorations to last until Thanksgiving. However, I'm planning to put up trees early this year. Too much money in them for such a short time.