Yellow Roses - Miscellaneous

How could I resist this pretty set above? It is a demi sized cup and saucer.

Last year our decorating group had a gift exchange. Gwen drew my name and she sent me some many nice yellow rose items. The vase and dish above are from her! Thanks, again, Gwen!

Gwen also gave me the beautiful yellow rose crocheted runner. It is on my jewelry armoire in the master bedroom.
This yellow rose topiary print hangs in the hall between the master bedroom and bathroom. (It hangs straight on the wall. Ha!)

This little bear in yellow velveteen overalls has a yellow rose in her hair, and as buttons on the overalls. Her name is Rosey (yellow Rosey!)

This lovely ceramic yellow rose pin was also a gift from Gwen! The rose is more yellow than it looks in the picture.

Another ceramic yellow rose on a pin. The little earrings are also ceramic.


Lori said...

Wow! You have lots of yellow rose items. They are all very nice.

Adrienne said...

Such beautiful things. Where do you find them all? I see yellow roses but not often. ~Adrienne~