Yellow Rose Collection

Funny thing happened today, I had been thinking about showing my yellow rose collection on my blog, then someone sent me a message about another blog having a yellow rose contest. That was my cue to start showing my yellow rose items this week! The doll above was named Yellow Rose by the company I purchased her from. I had to have her because of her name! She was the beginning of my doll collecting, except for my childhood dolls I had. She has yellow roses in her hair, on her dress, and carries a yellow rose nosegay (shown on the tea set.)

The beautiful dainty tea cup below has tiny yellow roses and violets on it. My sweet friend, Becca surprised me with this in the mail a while ago! I just love it!
I won the cup and saucer above on Ebay. The yellow roses with the black is very striking! I also like the three little feet on the cup!

The little tea cup on the right (below) was a gift to me from a friend. I already had the one on the left, and they go together so well! Thanks, again, Judy, we'll have tea with these when you come visit!

I will be showing yellow rose items all this week. Please stop by daily so I may share them with you. Maybe we'll fill some of these tea cups with tea and chat awhile!


Amy @ The Cottage Gate said...

Hi,its nice to meet you - thanks for visiting my tea party last week!! And you are welcome to use my photo of the yellow roses on my arbor - how perfect it would be for you!! Have a good day!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Oh my, you're getting a great start to our contest! It's all so beautiful. (I'll be sure to pass along to Michelle that you're posting yellow roses ALL week - wow!) Blessings... Polly

Alice said...

Your yellow rose items are lovely. The black and yellow teacup is especially beautiful. I'm eager to see what else you'll be showing us all week!

Kelli said...

Your yellow rose collection is wonderful! I just love the teacups and what a beautiful doll! Yellow is my favorite color. :0)

nannykim said...

So are all of your tea cups of the yellow rose kind? How many do you have of the yellow rose variety, do you know? What is your favorite tea?

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I loved seeing all your teacups! Thank you for sharing the one I sent!