Middle Name Meme

"Laura Lee" at Lallee's Cottage has chosen me to do the middle name meme. You will enjoy visiting her blog. She has beautiful photography of her lovely home and garden, her pets, and her crafts. She even has a new friend there named Annabelle who you must meet!

To play this game, I use the letters from my middle name to tell something about myself, and then I tag the same number of people as I have letters. Actually I go by my middle name, Katherine, so I'm going to use my first name, especially since it is shorter than my middle name! I always disliked my first name, and have just in the last ten years started liking it. My first name is Lura. I was named after a distant cousin who my mother admired because she was pretty and a sweet lady. I remember her because every year at our family reunion she would give me a dollar bill! Back then a dollar was a lot of money!

L - I'm a Lady (Girly-Girl!) I like to Laugh. I'm a Listener, more than a talker. I'm Laid back. I enjoy any (rare) Leisure time. I am a Loyal friend. I Love Lace. Lemon flavored foods, especially desserts are delicious! I hate being Late! I'm still Limber, can still touch my toes! I'm scared of Lightning. I enjoy Lunch with friends. I'm not good at writing Letters anymore, email is much easier!

U - I like Unique things - in decor and fashions. I try to be Understanding and have Unconditional love. I would like to be Undaunted, and Unforgetable! Most words beginning with U are Unbecoming and not very flattering words!

R - I love Roses, all colors, but of course you know what my favorite color rose is! I am Retired. I am Responsible. I am a Romantic person, in the way I dress and decorate. I like to Relax and Read. I like to listen to the Radio. I don't like Rain or Raincoats, but love Rainbows! I collect Recipes. Red is not my favorite color. I hate Rejection. I have few Regrets. I like most Restaurants and love to visit Resorts!

A - I am Artistic, I enjoy Arts and crafts. I try to be Artistic with my decor. I enjoy most fine Arts especially theater and music. I am Active - sometimes by choice, but lately I haven't had a choice, circumstances require me to be Active! I am usually Agreeable and not easily Annoyed or Angered. I'm not real Assertive. We don't have any Animals now, but like them. Autumn is not my favorite season. I've never been Arrested! I have grown to hate Airplanes! I'm getting less Ambitious about certain things, but I'm still Agile. I do get Anxious sometimes. I'm Appreciative.

I'm thankful I wasn't asked to tell any "bad" stuff about myself! I tried to be positive!

I am to choose four people to do this, but I think most people have already done the meme. If you haven't done so yet, please do the meme and let us know when you do! Thank you!

"Lura Katherine"


Penless Thoughts said...

I done this one and read quite a few of them BUT you did the finest job I've seen!!! How creative. A lovely, informative read :o)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Thank you so much for that statement, Susan. I did that late last night, and by this morning I wondered if I went overboard on it!


Lallee said...

That was so fun, Lura. You really took this 'assignment' to task! I had forgotten Lura was your first name. I think it's a beautiful name. I'd love to see it used more again. Lot's of young mothers are recycling older names~this should be one of them.

nannykim said...

This comment is about an earlier post--the one on the book on Mother Teressa--Is that book out yet, and have you read it? A friend was mentioning it and I wondered if it was good. A very good book (I found at the Library) is -When I lay my Isaac Down by Carol Kent. She and her husband are in fulltime Christian ministry and her adult son committed murder. She tells how she got through this and continues to deal with it and it is an awesome book about how "faith enables us to see God on top of all our problems." Ps I love Beth Moore too (hmm I think you are the one that mentioned her on your page somewhere???)