Yellow Roses in the Living Room

Thomas Kinkade's yellow rose painting. It hangs over the antique sewing macThis is an old muffin stand. I display four of my favorite yellow rose tea cups on it in the living room.This yellow tassel doll hangs on the muffin stand. She has a yellow rose on her hat. My friend, Marlene, gave her to me. Thanks, Marlene!

One of the tea cups displayed on the muffin stand.

This gold with yellow roses tea cup is displayed on the muffin stand.
Another black/yellow roses tea cup. I display this one on the muffin stand.

Pretty little pottery box with yellow roses, a gift from my friend Janet! Thanks again, Janet!Cheri Blum print hangs over the muffin stand.
Mini tea pot with yellow roses sits on a plant stand in our living room. This was a prize on a table at a tea party. The one with a number under her plate won it. I was that person, it was random, nobody knew I collect yellow rose things!

These are the yellow rose items displayed in our living room. I will try to post by the rooms where the yellow rose items are.


Sandra said...

Very pretty! I love the teacup with the black background. The yellow roses look so beautiful against it.

Thanks for sharing your collection. I always enjoy looking at your photos.

Alice said...

I am enjoying your teacups so much!

Lallee said...

Your collection of yellow roses is beautiful. The Kincaid print it gorgeous~perfect for you.

Penless Thoughts said...

All lovely. I especially like the solid gold outside with yellow rose inside tea cup.

Revee said...

You have so many beautiful items with yellow roses! They remind me our mutual friend who loves violets so much. :)

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

That Thomas Kinkade painting is perfect for you, and that yellow rose-topped box Janet sent is beautiful and so you as well!

Lori said...

Beautiful. Now I know why your blog title is yellow rose arbor.

Adrienne said...

I've never seen the Thomas Kinkade yellow roses. It almost takes my breath away! I love your teacups. You have such a wonderful collection. I need to keep my eyes open for more yellow roses. ~Adrienne~