Master Bedroom (more)

To answer questions about yellow roses in the master bedroom - here's one! This hatbox is on top of the TV armoire in the MBR.

The hatbox vignette on top of the TV armoire.

And for those inquiring minds -- the sheets on the bed are yellow, with pink cabbage roses!! I'm sorry the above picture is so small, I don't know how to make it larger! Someone wanted to see a close-up of the pillows on the bed, I hope you can see them.


Penless Thoughts said...

Lovely in deed!!

nannykim said...

pooweee-so you had to prove that you did have roses hidden in places in your bedroom, eh!!! Does your husband give you yellow roses for special occasions and what does he think about all of them!!? Maybe you should get a little yellow cat and call her Rosy--oh we once had a dog with that name, so I shouldn't talk!!lol