Yellow Roses in the Master Bath Room

This is the window in the master bathroom. It has a grapevine garland with yellow roses above it. The candlelier hangs over the Jacuzzi tub.
This yellow rose pitcher and bowl is on the small vanity in the master bathroom.

Longshot view of this side of the master bathroom. You can see the high shelves above the closet and on the other side leading into the bathroom.

(Below:) Yellow rose toothbrush holder!

This crystal compote holds yellow rose soaps. This sits on the larger vanity.
The yellow rose candle, the small crystal dish of yellow rose soaps, and vintage perfume bottle sits on the smaller vanity beside the pitcher and bowl.

The triple rose planter sits on the window sill.
This pretty little yellow rose swan is on a shelf in the "water closet." I love the yellow rose on her head! I won this on Ebay!

This little yellow rose mini purse is also on the shelf in the water closet.

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~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Your master bath looks beautiful! I like how you even have yellow rose soaps!